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Problems With Xiii engine error

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i recently installed the game XIII on my system


system specs


p4 2.8ghz

nvidia geforce fxf 5200 128mb

256mb ddr ram

game running at 1200 x 1024 x 32

and a no cd patch is applied


think thats all you should need




the game seems to work just fine and will go through menus, videos and everything...but when you get passed that preview mood thinger...where you learn the guys story and the life guard is there and you arent feeling well or w/e...it crashes when you fall (the second time) trying to get to the truck and comes up with an engine error or some crap (goes away before i can read it...and couldnt snap a screenie of it) is my video card not supported ? i looked on the nvidia site and couldnt find any patches for the XIII game...and then i checked ubisoft and i didnt see anything about the 5200 not being supported...(stupid me couldnt find the patches either)



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QuestionProblems With XiiiHello. I just bought xiii as I like it very much. I also patched it. But now when I start it, it asks for the cd, even when it is inserted. The error says " insert xiii cd." When I try pasting the crack, it osen't work. Please guide me by sending me the correct procedure. I think I might be ding something wrong. Looking forward to your reply.Thanks.

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