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  1. sure...ill take requests...why do you say its like Xisto ?anyways...i have a few mods on there too...such as downloads, reviews, tutorials, and others and i had a few other designs for it...but i didnt like them...and they had diff color schemes one was the ipd standard...which i had changed the buttons a bit...but i didnt like the light airy feeling i wanted sumtin dark and everyone who is on there seems to like what i have now :Pthanks for the comments
  2. wow...its been awhile since i have been on Xisto...but i thought i would make a few posts i wanted you guys to check out a few of my websites that i have worked on...just thought itd be cool to see what everyone thinks... this is one that i have always been working on and is sort of a place to put everything together...not really meant for traffic...but sort of my own ammusement Original Designs this is one that i quickly tossed together for my teacher (although i dont like it too much she seemed to love it) she was amazed at how fast i was able to finish it...and although it it just sort of a template that is up right now...i am just waiting on her to give me the content (e.g. pictures of horses, what to say sutff...ect.)...it is still enjoyable Gallant Morgan this my forum...the only members that really ever go on it are from my home town...but we enjoy it very much as it is a place to get word out... The Hourglass let me know whatcha think. . .
  3. unfortanatly i couldnt find a forum to post this so i just sorta tossed it in the lobby but its pretty sweet and i was thinkin of writing a tut for it... so i got my xbox from my brother and my first thought was...boring...so i thought id jazz it up a bit. i swapped the original 8gig hard drive with a slightly bigger 40gig hard drive and softmodded it with ndures pack and then ftp'd to it and replaced the dash with xbox media center and added the t3ch xbmc skin release to make it look like xbox 360...but that wasnt enough...i formated one of my usb's with the original m$ dash so that it work like a mem card with my homemade usb-xbox adapter...but i didnt like the adapter as sometimes it didnt work and i was too lazy to fix it so i wanted to put usb ports in my box...but i have never seen anyone do this before so i kinda had to go out on a limb and find a spot for it in the already cramped box...but i found a spot and i cut some holes and wired the thing in there here are some pics... pretty sweet ? and yes i did all that myself (with only a screwdriver, a small yellow utility knife, and a coldman cold heat) heres link to my original thread...
  4. i am trying to set up ipb on my server so that i can host my forum... i have ipb 4.13 (or w/e the newest one is) and i installed it along with mysql4 and php5 onto my server...i came across a lot of problems...such as the install/index.php not working correctly and username and password errors...but with google i was able to get help for most of that...now i am stuck.. the first error i had was that when i tried to open the index.php within the install folder to finally configure the ipb forum and all (as the install guide said) it came up with a bunch of code...so then i found out that i didnt have php installed correctly and added to my IIS and all that...so i fixed that...got all that workin and then came accross another error, saying that it errored with the file php_mysql.dll on line 127...googled it...found out that mysql 5 (which is what i was originally trying to use) doesnt work well with ipb...so i dl mysql 4 and installed...came accross another error...couldnt start the service...googled...found out that i hadnt completely removed mysql5 because i left the folder there still...so that **** everything up...so i deleted it...uninstalled..all that...fixed that error...went all the back to the index.php in the /install folder....and everything is working...brought up the page...went on to next page...filled out the form asking for my myswl user and pass (i have mysql set to anonymous) so i put anonymous in and all the other info...and at first i had a few error such as the username and pass (cause i didnt try anonymous at first) and not connecting to mysql...but i got everything...now i get this stupid error saying that my database is wrong...the guide for ipb said that i could put a name in there and if it wasnt created it would create it...well..i dont hava database thing...and i dont kn much about databases...so can i get some help here...what do i have to do to create a database can i just download a database online to do this...or do i need to create a whole database on the computer...or does ipb come with a default database and i just dont know about it...please, i would like some help...i really want to get this working (would make my friend very jealous and be really cool to see) thanks! -----Posts Merged-----szupie with some more help from google i was able to figure out how to use the mysql console to create a database so now i have fixed that problem...now i have a new error that i have encountered...now it comes up with this code... Warning! The following errors must be rectified before continuing!Please go back and try again! INSERT INTO astahost_task_manager VALUES ('', 'Update Topic Views Counter', 'updateviews.php', 1140647237, -1, -1, 3, -1, 'ddce954b5ba1c163bc627ca20725b595', 0, 'Used when topic views are not incremented immediately', 1, 'updateviews', 0, 0);Out of range value adjusted for column 'task_id' at row 1 i did some more googling to try to find stuff...but they say it is a problem with mysql and the database not being set right or sumtin...and that is no help because they dont tell me how to fix it...i have also read that this is a new error that has been comming up recently...so idk...but it would be nice if someone could help me ! ------would an admin please edit my posts so that i am not double posting (could just make this first post)------- -----Posts Merged-----szupie alright...alright...alright...this is last time ... will a moderator please close this topic! i got everything working and my forum is up...thanks for all your help *rolls eyes* ... gfx-forum
  5. i just wanted to post a few of my newest signatures that i have created with photoshop 7. itd be nice if you guys could tell me what you think bout them as well - seems as a lot of people havent been posting in the sigs threads lately. this is a sig i made for my g/f - she wanted it to be bout the movie boondock saints this is a sig i made for a friend in waupaca - she just wanted stars i mde this sig for the same person as the last one...she wanted sumtin for her dale jr forum and this sig i was actually just trying to make the f1 look like it slid into the picture and it ended up turnin out like a pretty nice sig those are my latest, and i prolly will come out with more soon lemme know what you think of those !
  6. actually no it isnt...i use dvd-ramdiscs are cheaper on the site i get stuff from (free shipping - theres like a 10 dollar difference) and they work just fine(still suppose not many people use it...its like a vhs )
  7. forgot to add this sig in there as well (just finished)... ----hopefully an admin can edit my posts---- p.s. sorry for double posting...even though it is a no post counts thread
  8. nice...as for the first one i like the size (even if its a little bit bigger for a sig - but hey...who says it cant be bigger)...i give it a...9/10 because the only downfall to it (i beleive) is that crosshatching layer you put over everything...it is neat but i dont beleive it goes with the theme (not to be too judemental here), also some of the text is a little bit hard to read ( i do that a lot as well:P hard to get perfect sometimes)...still a very very very nice sig...second one is great as well..looks as if you kept it simple staying away from over complicated brushes and stuff...and i like that 10/10 when i started this thread i thought there would be a little bit more replys then this...heck...i thought we could at least get a couple pages going guess i was wrong...nice to know some people still show interesting in signature designing at Xisto though... anyways...heres my sig (sorry all my links dont work from before - i cancelled my hosting with Xisto so the photos arent there ne more...but now i am hosting my site from my house -OriginalDesigns) hopefully this thread can get some life back into it! enjoy!
  9. all of these are great...but i didnt see anyone mention http://www.noip.com/ '>No-IP this is not the same as the other links that you guys have...instead a url redirection/shortening (which it can do i beleive) it redirects to an ip addres...i use this to host my site on my computer at home. my site is on my hard drive on a simple computer i built that has windows 2000 advance server on it...i used IIS (inertnet information services) to host a folder on the hard drive (folder contains my .htm files) it uses a port that i specify mine is XXXXX (like id tell you) that allows my site to be viewd by anyone on my internal network by going to my ip address and the port and the page index.htm so id looke like then with my router i forwarded the port (so that people on the internet/external network can access it). then all i did was go to no-ip.com and gave them my url ( and they forwarded it to a shortened url...which i selected oringinaldesigns.myftp.org ... and they also masked my original url this site i believe works the same as the other...but offers a little bit more than some...and i prolly coulda used the other sites or anythign to do that same...but i prefer this site always allows for more options... also they use an account...it is all free...you just have to sign up for an account and that will keep track of all the urls/ips or anything you have redirected...you can go in and modify them at any time by logging into your account...it is great
  10. scratty...lool i am not familiar with that word i didnt want to over do anything i just wanted to keep it simple and easy to use and small...i thought i accomplished that (even though i dont exactly like the 1 px boarder underneat the banner either...but it kept loading time down to a min)
  11. amazing...i am speechless...i am 17 and lost...i know i dont have a religion...but i dont know what to call myself...i dont believe in god...but i belive that there might possibly be something out there that is watching/guiding the lives that we are living. i dont beleive in "life" after death...but i believe that our soul/matter will continue to play a part in humanity (your body decomposes and becomes soil for a plant...the plant feeds on you...you gave life to the plant...so on and so on). it is an amazing topic (life after death) and everything related to it...i wish i could study more of it..but i simply do not have the timei love the way you put your thoughts into words and i would be unalbe to do that myself ... (btw i love that movie!)
  12. interesting topic...i think you guys should go easy on ally, we dont yell at you cause you dont know russsian! but anyways...i dont really have any coments on the drive converting - read the manuals and stuff...looks interesting (i have a NEC drive myself but i dont need to upgrade it - cant anyways), but risky as well...lots of problems that could go wrong and i dont think id waste a good drive to try (unless it was worth burnin dvds and i had a couple drives to test )...but all in all...interesting anyways...ally - you said that if there were any language errors in your site/manual to tell you...there are a few (it is legible but kinda annoying)... [quote name='http://err.hut.ru/error404.shtml this site you can found all about crossflashing your drives. Warning: Author of this site do not make software/firmware and don't support it. I only collect it and wrote docs. Warning: Flashing can damage you drive. If you aren't advanced user don't do anything. All software comes AS IS. 1. 10.02.2006: My site was openned. 2. 11.02.2006: I added firwares for ND-4551A and ND-4550A. well yeah... heres what that should say: On this site you can find all the information you need about crosfflashing your drives. Warning: The author of this site does not make the software/firmware and doesn't support it, only collects it and writes docs. Warning: Flashing can damage yoru drive. If you aren't an advanced user, don't do anything. All software comes as is. 1. 10.02.2006: My site was opened 2. 11.02.2006: I added firmware for ND-4551A and ND-4550A if you want you can gimme the source for your english site and ill fix it up nicely for you...or i can just send you a pm with all the things that need to be fixed (no problem for me...i have plenty of time on my hands during school)
  13. ...you guys have to watch out for what wireless cards and routers you buy (prolly know this) but with a b adapter you will only get 11mbs connection and will disconnect quite a few times if you are not within bout 15 feet of the router (the new g cards are great and dont have this problem and get 108mbs - still wonderin what the n cards are gonna get)......another thing is that if you have satalites tv radio signals or anything thats commin from a satalite...that can cause problems to if its operating on the same frequencty (which i beleive is 2.4mhz for most cards - but can very)...also yes...as you guys said you will want to make sure you are connecting to your router and not someone elses router ...you can actually have fun with this on a laptop (me and my buddy drove around town all day trying to find access points - found bout 20 of them in the small town of clintonville [1400 people]...) but that is illegal ... not positive on exactly how to do this (as i am not at a computer with wireless right now) but you can block access to all access points but yours...so that way you are only connected to your router and no one elses...if you are still having problems...ive heard of some people having their signal get low because of the way the house was built (as in the stuff in the walls - metal or w/e) im not sure if this is true...just stuff ive read before (ive never personally had a problem with this)...i had a b card and router (so i was only gettin 11mbs) and the laptop was upstairs in this three story building and the router was in the basement...i had it set to connect to mine and only mine...didnt have any problems...didnt always get 11mbs or the strongest signal...but it never went to low or disconnected me (was a linksys router & card)
  14. finally had a chance to set aside all my problems (school, work, life) and get my server up and running. took me couple hours but its up. then i noticed that my method of hosting pictures on a faster server faild (pictiger was a stupid idea on my behalf) so i had to go through and redesign the whole site and tweak out the small problems - and i think i got everything (although there is no home link except for on page1) but besides that...all in all its good. stayed up till midnight lastnight (even though i had school the next day) to get it online - tested it and it works. the server is a small nobilis board (400mhz processor w/ 512mb ram 6gb hdd) just enough to host a few sites and some public ftps and i have high speed charter cable internet (a/dsl i believe)...the only thing that is actually hosted on the server are the .htm files...the images are all linked to my photobucket (which i think they have a t1 - correct me if im wrong) but i tested it last night with 20 people (actually just me on 20 diff computers) and it worked just fine...prolly go a little slower for 56k users and dsl but should still work alright (had a friend of mine in chilton test it on 56k they said that it went pretty fast)...but anyways let me know what you all think...the server will be permanently on from now on so you should have access to it ! Original Designs
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