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Lets Interview The SMF Team Now what shall we ask.

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I had an idea, where we could come up with questions for the SMF team to answer, nothing to specific but like a general interview, we could come up with about 8 questions open to the floor of the SMF team, so anyone could answer from the SMF team. Then we could direct 5 questions at each section of the SMF team like (support, mods, developers etc) and then finally have some questions for the communioty of SMF to answer.


But we would need to come up with the questions:





Open To Floor:


To Developers:


To Project Managers:


To Mod Team:


To Support Team:


To Graphics Team:


To Doc team:

To Language Co-Ordinators:

To Community:



Ill fill in the above sections as questions are posted, then we can submit a final draft, perfectly formatted to the SMF community boards, and see if we get some replys, should be pretty cool.


(Hopes for a slashdot :lol::lol: )

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