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IPB To phpBB Conversion

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They did have a basic convertor, but to my knowledge, it was pretty useless, SMF on the other hand has an amazing convertor that has proved to work, and most of the people here will swear by SMF being a lot better than phpBB could ever be.

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I found a convertor for IPB to phpbb here



It works fine for me.

But it can convert IPB 1.x to phpbb 2.0.x only


Let's says you have your Invision board nad phpbb2 installed .

* Path for Invision board is /www/invision

* Path for your phpBB2 is /www/phpBB2.


And your web server is running well. You can access Invision board and phpbb2 via web broswer.




Now, unpack and upload the converter to /www/converter.

Please edit the conf.php file to point to your phpBB2 config file.

***Both the Invision and phpBB2 installs should be using the same database and not two separate databases.


Then, point your web browser to http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/ and the conversion script would be run.


Finally, I recommend to make the conversion on your local computer to make sure that the conversion will not disturb your database.

It can also aviod the convertor fail because of something wrong on your web server

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