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The First Row Keeps Disappearing! when using while

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I have this:while($data_inn_n1 = mysql_fetch_array($db_query_inn_n1)){ echo "<a href='?side="; echo $data_inn_n1['side']; echo "' class='meny'>» "; echo $data_inn_n1['tittel']; echo "</a>";and lets say i have this in the database, first is 'side', second is 'tittel':home - Homepageabout - About Usguide - Guideblah - Blahcontact - Contact Usthen it will show in the print out:<a href '?side=home' class='meny'>About Us</a><a href '?side=guide' class='meny'>Guide</a><a href '?side=blah' class='meny'>Blah</a><a href '?side=contact' class='meny'>Contact Us</a>For some stupid reason it always skips the first! Its really annoying! Can someone understand why its like that?

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Dear Nqon,


Please show the contents of $db_query_inn_n1 so that we know what the SQL statements are.


Some programmers always made this small error when using the LIMIT keyword..


Some of those I have seen used this thing at the end LIMIT 1, any_number which skips the first thing it sees..


To get the better idea and a much exact answer.. we need to know what the query is.. Nqon, please include the query itself next time.. :(

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