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What Are: The 100 Oldest Websites

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lol you ever see their commercial they made in 1984? reminds me of THX 1138 and the book 1984 :huh:



WARNING: File size 13mb and you need quicktime


Yeah, I can see why they yanked that ad. It's not overly disturbing by *today's* standards, but ... 20+ years ago ... yeah.

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hey man,


where did You get this Informations from?

can you give me the link where you find them from ? and also does anyone have the informations about the world's first events and acheivements.


like the first person who reached the north pole and south pole?

the the first formed constitutional Government?


the members who were in that Team


the worlds first motor car accident?

and so on,

Please Reply to this post.





Here is the site you wanted varsoft


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mmm.. that's the who's who of the world's best companies.. it's little wonder that they were the first to get online and make a presence for themselves on the internet way back in '85. I for sure didn't know much about computing back then, and most definately had no clue about what the internet was at all. At that time.. I was busy learning Basic and fiddling around with BBC Micro computers, which were great to learn basic on and make silly little games like snake and the rudimentry first person shooter games; becides being able to do some serious math.

It's actually very fascinating that the internet was quite so alive back then and even more increadible that so few were online. If it's anything, the net is the world's biggest revolution after the industrial age and may just be the binding factor to make the world's people more aware of each other.

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thats interesting piece of info, but i dont think that its a reliable info. where do i get to check this info? and which book is it from btw?1985.. thats how old i am(20), and i guess i could be among the 100 domains names.. lol.. one of the biggest inventions.. :-D

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