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So me and my wife decided to cut down on our bills a few months back and one thing we did was get rid of our contract phones.


Our new plan for two lines is 90+taxes per month

Minutes Data and Text are unlimited

Phone selection is large and you can bring most gsm phones on to their network.


Now one issue with some users is that there is limitations to their "unlimited" data. They have stated that large amounts of data usage can get your data suspended for a month, however I have not had this issue yet. I am averaging about 3 gigs per month on my line and have had no warning messages about my data.


A quick cheat sheet for selecting phones inside of a wal-mart.

Verizon tower phones have CMDA-V

Sprint tower phones have CDMA-S

And the t-mobile and att towers seem to be crossed.

You can find that code in the bottom right of the box. Also Verizons usually have a red map on them and will also show on the website.



I have never placed a call to customer service and manage my account online. I refill my account online using a credit card.


Any questions let me know.

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So your new plan for two lines is 90 but what was the price of your previous plan ? was it a lot more ?


Actually in many accounts even in may servers unlimited bandwidth doesn't mean you can use as much as you want, in some server providers they say the bandwidth is unlimited but actually it comes with a bandwidth like 20TB and if you use all of that ports of your server will be downgraded to 100mbps or even 10mbps and if you want more bandwidth you should pay for it. Now for data , most providers use a term which is : "Fairly usage policy" this means your bandwidth is unlimited as long as you use it fairly ! so it is not unlimited in real meaning but it will be enough for most non leecher users which doesn't want to download all content of Web inside their phone or PC.


3GBs per month is quite good , i have heard some people had problems in US with unlimited plans of their providers after suing 1GB of it. but anyway it is mobile internet and should not be used as a normal internet connection you have in your home.


I never used contracted phone myself, an i have always this question that is it any good ? some say it will cost you less than buying the phone and getting the service separated but you always get limited to the options your provider provides. so i will be glad to hear your opinions about contracts you have currently and how much satisfied you are.

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