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Chicken Hawaii.

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(To serve 4)

4 chicken legs

3 large tins of pineapple (keep the juice).

1 and 1/2 table spoon of mustard

2 table spoons of brown sugar

1-2 table spoons of corn flour (depending on how easily the sauce thickens).

1/2 liter of water

3 table spoons of butter.

Pepper and salt to season.



Season the chicken legs with pepper and salt.

Fry the chicken legs in butter.


While the chicken is frying, start on the sauce:

Mix the pineapples (all the juice is needed too) with the mustard and brown sugar and mix with a whisker.


When the chicken is brown, transfer to a large pan and mix with the sauce and add the water.

Let simmer on a low fire until the chicken is ready (about half an hour).


Remove the chicken from the sauce, and thicken the sauce with the corn flour.


When the sauce is properly thickened, put the chicken back in and let simmer for another 5 minutes.


Serve with mashed potatoes.


Note: It is very important, in order to let the sauce succeed properly, to have enough pineapple, mustard and brown sugar.

So, if you wish, add a bit to the ingredients I have given, but do not use less.

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I remember having pizza which was known as chicken Hawaii pizza, it was full of pineapples with very little chicken in it. The taste was awful, it was like sweet,smelt like a piece of pineapple cake, however the recipe that you put forward definitely sounds that the results would make me happy. Well could you tell me whether it could be had with something other than mashed potatoes, I mean something that is more filling?

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