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Home Remedies For Skin Enhancement

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Many people have been found to practise the application of home -remedies without knowing the details that need to be known about. Like the cases I have seen they mainly use the remedies for enhancement of skin tone.These efforts were made after facing failure with chemical based cosmetic products.now the question that stood out was how useful would the home remedies be?? but surprisingly I was the only one who had this concern.See, most of the people I am talking about are females, and they are very stern regarding the fact that whatever they know is the best. In an instance one lady advised me to apply a paste of red lentils on my face, my mother appreciated the idea and I started applying the paste with great hopes, all of us unaware of the actual effects the paste would be causing. After regularly applying it for a month, there wasn't anything that noticeable.so, the idea was dropped. Next came to happen a very significant incident (will disclose why I call it so) , an acquaintance once told about how she had benefitted from a paste made with gramflour , curd and some other thing I don't remember . She herself applied the paste on my face and that turned into one of the greatest disasters of my life. My face turned red with small pimples erupting, to my utter dismay, one of the pimples got so swollen that even after years of getting healed, it has left me with a mark resembling a dimple ^_^ can I say a blessing in disguise, a cousin of mine committed the same stupidity and applied a few drops of aloe-vera on his face, his skin being on the oilier side, developed rashes with burning sensation, you wont believe there are a few tribes in India that squeeze into their mouth the blood of a fish as they believe it would give them a whitish pink glow on their face, actually the complexion improves for the fish blood carries a lot of iron in it, but can be had in the cooked form also with nearly the same effect, it never makes you whitish-pink or pinkish -white, however you put it. Sandalwood, turmeric, various kinds of herbs are often crushed and blended into a paste known as "Uptan" and is invariably applied to any bride, sometimes developing itchiness, acne, yellow patches or making the skin dry(as it happened in my case). The point that I wish to make out from these instances is that there should be inclination towards home remedies for skin,but with the knowledge of the skin type and what is best suited for its enhancement.

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