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Phytochemicals - Keeps Energetic

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What are Phytochemicals?

Colourful fruits and vegetables are present in the Faitokemicl the elemensts. Due to presence of these organic chemicals decide their colour. Phytochemicals destroy the harmful elements that are present in our body. It keeps not only energetic and stress free, improves memory as well. Also are helpful to control the blood pressure and cholesterol.Mainly phytochemicals are found in deep red, orange, green, white, blue and yellow fruit in much quantity.

Red Colour

Tomato, turnip, pomegranates, Rsberi, plum, strawberry, plum watermelons, carrots, red apple and pepper are red in colour. Lycopene and Antho Saithin Phytochemicals are found in Red coloured foods, whose help to prevent prostate cancer, heart disease, diabetes and impotence.

Orange and Yellow colour

Orange, papaya, pumpkin, corn, lemon, mango are yellow in colour. Elfabita Carotene is found in this colour fruits or vegetables which forms Vitamin C. Use of yellow coloured fruits and begetables increase the eyesight and strength of bones.Due to Vitamin C it prevents from skin diseases and infections

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