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That type of problem mostly caused due high CPU or Memoring eating Games or Softwares. Just try to check that how much CPU is using while playing the game through task manager performace tab. There may be two solution one is that try to play game in its minimal configuration that suite to your Notebook Cofiguration. And Second one is that to upgrade your Notebook which is most likely rarely possible.Actually i am also facing same problem with one my PC for last few months but not due to of playing games but some short viral threads. I have tried lots of solutions to get rid of the problem because i dont want to format my system, someone had told me that it is happened due to over heating so i had changed not even fan also reinstall my Processor using fresh paste. But Over heating was not the real problem in my case.

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Usually when you require a lot of power from your notebook and the temperature of CPU or motherboard or graphics card reaches some kind of critical point it just turns off, it's like a protection.Usually the temperature gets high if you use a lot of resources like watching a high definition movie or playing a game which requires a lot of resources, one of the methods to avoid is to vacuum clean your computer, because dust is really a good sweater for your CPU :DYou need to remove the dust with a vacuum cleaner or a vacuum cleaner which can blow air, just clean your computer from dust and your computer temperature will be cool. It happened to me several times and all you need is watch your computer temperature, usually once in a year or twice in a year to clean your notebook from dust is enough, depends how much dust you have in the place you work or play with your computer, but it really helps.When my laptop is not cleaned from dust, the temperatures can be 50-80 Celsius high, when I clean it, it is just 20-40, so dust is really a problem for your laptop. Usually it's just enough to vacuum clean your computer or blow air into it, but if it's not enough, you can open the keyboard to see more holes to vacuum clean o disassemble it from bottom, depends which kind of laptop you have.

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