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Another Font Name Request Please help me identify a font

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Hi everyone,

I am ooking for the name of a certain font, which I use on my website (unfortunately, only in graphics files, so they would be visible by everyone).

Due to a change to a new machine, I lost the font, and I have looked everywhere, Identifont, Whatthefont, myfonts.com, and I have also spent hours to try and locate the correct font, with no success.

What makes it extremely difficult to search is the fact that I am not sure what search criteria to use, there are quite a few categories the font could come under.


I was wondering if anyone would recognise this particular font:


Posted Image

If anyone recognises the name of the font and knows the name, please let me know, as I am so desperate to find it again so I can make further title graphics for my website.


All help will be very much appreciated.

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Thank you for your reply, Kobra500.However, I'm afraid that is not the right font, the "Pioneer" font, as well as the "Ben Pioneer" font both look similar, but they do not have thw white shadow behind it.But thank you anyway.

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You are right, rvalkass, that is the one I was looking for.However, IIRC, I had that as a free font.But, never mind.I needed it desperately and now I have it back.Thank you all for your replies.

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