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Is There A Way To Get A Better Host Than Xisto With My Cash Thing ??

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You need to make at least 5 posts before it starts to calculate the myCENTs you've earned. I can see now that $1 has already been sent to your billing account, so everything would appear to be working correctly. Keep making good posts and you'll be able to afford hosting and domains pretty soon.

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you posted this question in about 4 hours after registered. to be able to get your first USD $1 in 4 hours... i guess you're not bad at all :)

now, is there a way to get better host than here? well if you have some great googling skill. you MIGHT find one, or two. that is, if you can find a web hosting provider that give you cPanel, awesome speed, cron jobs, good support (well some may said it isn't, but i get my tickets answered) and even domain name for "cheap" or "FREE". if you can find one, you're good to go. but if you can't find any, well you got your first bucks so why don't you continue? you're always welcomed here :P

easier way to get $7? hey dude, $7 is REALLY damn easy to get. just post more, useful, on topic, and longer (for example, your post in How To Create A Good Website With Html) how hard can that be? i admit that i'm one with laziness and limited knowledge in me, you can see that from my topics, but hey i got at least $20 in my first posting month here just for replying other threads. that's more than enough to get my first logic plan running for a month, and 1 .com domain name for my site for a year.

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