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Little Asterisk

Linking Pages In Wordpress With Categories

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The title of my post might be a bit confusing, but I'll try to explain my dilemma the best I can.

I'm currently trying to test Wordpress on a testing-website to get familiar with its functions and prepare myself for setting up the "real thing". Basically, what I want to do is link my Wordpress page with the same category I'm using. In other words It'd be great if a particular category's posts would show up when I click on a page in my header menu.

I've already tried this plugin (https://wordpress.org/plugins/page2cat/), but I really don't have the time right now to "play" with its features so I decided to take the "easy" way out (or so it seemed to be...).

http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/ Tip #1 explains how to do the desired post/category/page linkage. However, after doing everything explained there, I don't really see the difference (i.e. the tip didn't work). If it's any help, the theme I'm using can be found here: http://equilibrium.madebyon.com/

Is it possible (although I'm afraid of thinking about it) that I did something wrong?! :P

Please, mighty community of Xisto, enlighten me! ;)

P.S. I wasn't sure where to put this question, so someone please redirect me if I asked it on the wrong place so I don't make the mistake again.

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I'm afraid im not an expert at Wordpress but I will have a go. I think you could try using HTML in your text and link it to the category page. That is the best I could think of since this topic was slightly awkward and confusing for me. Maybe you can try a different Blog script if WP doesn't work out for you.

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Hi!@Little AsteriskWhat you need to do is get a theme that can display the categories along with the pages in the top bar. You can either get a custom theme developed by somebody or find a free theme that already does this. Alternatively, you might be able to find a plugin that can do this for you. Modifying the actual WordPress code is highly discourages so you should use a theme-based or plugin-based solution to customize your blog.For the most part, WordPress fits the needs of most individuals and organizations that use it. If you do want to make extensive modifications or feel that such a need does arise, you ought to switch to a more advanced content management system. Joomla might be a better fit for you if you find yourself having to deal with a lot of customization because you don't really have to write any code for common changes.@kosmikI find WordPress to be a very versatile and extensible blogging engine. There are a lot of free plugins and themes available, with a few commercially-supported themes cropping up as Automattic has been promoting them recently. Other systems are more commercialized and although your choices do seem more clear, there is a lot more that you can do with your budget when you are working with WordPress..

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i am really not understanding what exactly you want to do so i am going to guess ;)if you install the plugin "page links to", you can then create a page. all you need to enter is the title. then at the bottom of the page where it says "page links to", just enter the category link you want the page to link to. save the page and now the page links to all the posts in the category you chose to link to.now i am not sure if this is exactly what you were asking. it seems to me it was. if not, please be more specific as most anything can be done....even if it's not the easy way like installing a plugin :P

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Thank you all for your answers guys, you helped a lot (especially anwii, that "Page links to" is a life saver).


If anyone didn't understand what I wanted to say (I guess not, huh? :P), I'm going to try to explain a little better this time (but I must mention I resolved my problem - more on that after repeating my question :().


So, what I wanted to do:


A sample Wordpress theme (not important which one) contains a menu, which contains links to pages inside of my Wordpress site.


Let's say I had three pages, named "Home", "About us", and "Contact" (permalink: home, about-us, contact). The menu would show these pages properly, and have links to them like supposed to (<a href="http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/ us</a> etcetera). However, these pages are static.


Unlike any page, a category is dynamic (i.e., it can show recent posts published under the category).


In this example, I have 3 equally named categories ("Home", "About us", "Contact") that have the same permalink structure (home, about-us, contact).


The problem - although I set a custom post structure under 'permalinks' ( /%category%/%postname%/ ), categories would always show up under /category/%category% (where %category% is the category name, and %postname% the post name).


That's why pages couldn't show dynamic content.


How I fixed that?


After installing the "Top level categories" plugin (which would allow categories to be shown up under /%category%, without the category/ part), it fixed my second problem. My first problem was - pages need to show dynamic content (no bold underlines this time :() from the categories.


Here's where anwii's plugin comes in action. After reading his post, something clicked in my head - now I can use the previous plugin, change the page permalink and redirect it to the category! That's exactly what I did.


Now, my page permalinks are something like "home-page", "about-page", "contact-page" and categorie permalinks are like "home", "about", "contact". Using the "Page links to" plugin I just redirect page links to "http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/; etcetera.


Wow! I thought I couldn't make it more complicated than before, but looks like I just did. :P




I know it can be done using HTML, but it's too complicated: if I add another page, I need to adjust the menu, links, check if everything is OK and it just becomes too much work and too complicated.




Again, I know there are sites that display categories, but... I want exactly the one I installed - and it doesn't have that feature! ;)


As for Joomla, it seems to me that it's even more difficult that Wordpress (actually, Wordpress is quite simple :(). But I don't know, that might be just my opinion... :D

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