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Iphone App To Sidestep At&t Line2 by Toktumi

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I'm sure you guys have already heard about the 'Line2 and Apple' thing, if you did, no need to read this. So, for the people who dont really know about this, read on...


Line2 is a Apple Appstore App made by Toktumi with priced only at about $.99, but has given shivers to everyone working at Apple and probably AT&T. So, what this App does is that it gives you another phone number and you can customize it with your mail and everything. Also you can add automatic voices (press 3 for this and press 9 for this) and un-availability voices. Toktumi made it almost like a EXACTly like the iPhone dail, though if you are an avid iPhone user, you would probably notice it. This is where the problem starts, Apple had already made a documented law that says that you can't create a Application that closely resembles that of the iPhones normal apps. So, thats where the name comes from Line2, another phone in your phone. You could use one for business and one for your personal use or whatever you want. By now you are probably thinking 'so, its the same thing as the built-in iPhone caller, i would rather use the original one', but wait there is more. The App is made so that you can call people through the internet or through the normal line. Whats more is that you can call people mover your WIFI internet, which Line2 automatically detects when your in a WIFI Spot, like Starbucks,etc. So, the clarity of the iPhone is hugely different and better when it is over the WIFI than the AT&T. The Line2 App itself is only $.99 for a 30day trail, but after that you have to upgrade your username and password for $15-month. But if you are on the iTouch and in a Wifi area, you can open the Line2 app and call people for FREE! Also, the WIFI calls wont waste your minutes, and they are free. But it actually saves you about $30 bucks a month, if you use your iPhone as a full-blown 'Padtop' like i do. I hope i can use this with my iPad when it comes in another month or so, and I have found this App to be more reliable than the Skype App for Iphone. The quality is Superb but in the Appstore review, people have complained about delays in the talking and hissing noises, but if you have strong connection or live in the city, you should experience no problems. But there is only 1 drawback, to be able to use the Line2 app for calls, you need to keep it on the WHOLE time. So, if you are outside the app, the normal iPhone App kicks up. To fix this problem you can wait till the iPhone gets the promised multi-tasking abilities or you can 'jail-break' your iPhone and get a Cydia App called 'Backgrounder' and you should get the Calls through Line2 everytime (beware! Backgrounder is battery hogger). But by jail-breaking your iPhone you are voiding your Apple contracts. I don't recommend this but i did this anyway :P.

What do you this about this? Are you a iPhone user? or are you going to rant about my Jail-breaking? Insert your comments into the friendly reply button (don't worry he won't bite, hard ;) ).

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Looks like no one wants to reply here cause its a boring thread... :D

Exactly :P Just kidding.

Basically what you're saying is that they came up with an app that uses VOIP or a protocol like such to make calls? Nothing new. Okay maybe on the iPhone, but that phone has been left behind when talking about the features... The only advantage I see is user-friendliness (which I don't care of) and apps.

Anyway, does it work over 3G? If not then that's kinda lame. I would rather text or Skype than run around looking for Wi-Fi hotspots. You would think it's possible over 3G, because that would simply be more practical for people having mobile broadbands or whatever. :P Anyway, good to hear iPhone finally got Skype... ;)

And naughty boy, jailbreaking phones... What are you gonna do when you could use a bit of that warranty?
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