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It's like a new trend I've been seeing lately around clubs and other social gatherings. There are these guys who think they are huge players with women, when really they suck. I'll give you an example. This guy named "Chris" was approaching a group of women at a club. This had been about the 5th time I've seen him in this particular club. Anyway, I saw him go over there and instantly he began hitting on one of the women. He started to compliment her dress and say, "Baby you look fine, did you dress up for me?" The girls are gave him dirty looks and then eventually Chris left. When he left that group he went over to a girl that was with her boyfriend and began to hit on her. It was an ENDLESS CYCLE. He kept approaching women after women creeping the hell out of all of them. The funny thing is, none of this phased Chris. He still maintained the same persona that he had before and he continued to approach until finally he left with a pretty unattractive girl.


This isn't the first time that I saw something like this either. Guys like this were popping up at this other club as well. The thing is that they ALWAYS left with a girl, but it was always an unattractive one. The average guy would look at these Wayers and say, "These guys are complete losers." Well... not quite. There are some things that WE can learn from them.


* Persistence: These guys were persistent as hell. If they approached a couple of women and they rejected them, it DIDN'T PHASE THEM WHATSOEVER. This is an AWESOME trait to have. So many guys will approach a group of women, get rejected and then BOOM their ego has just been hit a huge blow and they feel like complete *BLEEP* the rest of the night. These guys kept going to different girls around the club until finally they were able to find one that didn't reject them. (Funny thing is you'd think after being rejected so many times they'd realize what they were doing wrong. )

* Confidence: These guys have so much confidence in themselves it's unbelievable. They honestly believe that they are the *BLEEP* and nothing nobody can tell them otherwise. Now, there is a thin line between being confident and being a cocky son of a *BLEEP*. It's good to be confident, but don't go overboard. These Wayers usually go a little bit overboard with their confidence which is a turnoff to everyone. But, with that said, having confidence in yourself is a very important quality to have.


Now onto the things that these guys do poorly (there is so much that I will only touch on a couple or else we'd have a 800 page book on our hands.)


* Neediness: These guys came off as way too needy. Right when they approached the girls they were interested in they began giving them compliments. These women could see right off the bat that these guys were trying to hit on them. You see, women LOVE compliments, but you have to say them at the right time. By going up to a women and saying "Baby you look fine" that just comes off as extremely needy and an extremely unattractive.

* Too much confidence: Now I know above I said that something we can learn from these Wayers was confidence aspect and I didnt' lie. If more guys had more confidence in themselves then they would have much better results with women. With that said, there is a thin line between being confident in yourself and coming off as a total douchebag. These guys were coming off as total douchebags. So how do you know if you're coming off as a douchebag or not? Watch this video out... it'll all make sense!




Now, I cannot make generalizations and say that being a douchebag won't get you women (Again even these guys were able to leave the clubs with chicks on their arms.) You can be a douchebag and get women, but for the most part it's better not to be one.


* Creepiness: These guys were giving off a creepy vibe. Like, they would walk around, see the women and start licking their lips and all these other sexual innuendos. Sorry fellas, licking your lips while staring at a women's midriff isn't going to help you out (most of the times.)


So please guys... do us all a favor and do not be like these Wayers... Sure you'll may end up with a girl by the end of the night, but it'll definitely not be your 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, or even 5th choice. Think maybe 23rd or 24th :angel:


Note: This was originally written by me on my blog AttractionHQ.com. Since then, it has been removed from my blog and Xisto is now the only place where you can find it. Because of this I did not put quote tags around it. This article is copyrighted to Spyda :P



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Now I will say that coming of age in the Vegas night life I have witnessed this same exact thing all too often. Yes they do always go home with the girl, however you are right.. it is never their top choice. I learned early on quite a few things, and I will share them with you now. Confidence is a great trait to have and you will need it when you do eventually spot the girl that you want to approach, but do not be so overconfident that you are willing to go around getting rejected time and again. I have always been able to walk up and get the number of the girl that I want because of the approach.1.) Always make sure she is not with a man (and more importantly that there isnt a ring on her finger... a tell tale sign!!)2.) Take a while to check the entire club out before you make an approach. Find a girl you like, see what kind of drink she is drinking, how many friends does she have with her, is she sitting by herself drinking, is she out on the dance floor a lot, all of this will help you later on.3.) Now as I said earlier, I have always been able to get pretty much any girl I wanted because of patience. The easiest play is to wait until one of these Wayers walks up to the girl you have been checking out. Take a look at her facial and verbal, and body expressions. If she looks like she wants to lose this guy then she probably does. This is your in as you can then just boldy walk up, sit or stand next to her and say, hey honey how was your day. Maybe even give her a wink so she knows you are trying to help her out of this situation. If it is a very loud club, you can even just whisper in her ear, "I know you want to get rid of this guy so I am just here to help you out." Believe it or not this line will work 9 times out of 10. After the other guy leaves you can get up to walk away and she will most likely stop you. If she lets you get away do not turn around, go back to the bar and wait for her to come to you... don't worry, she will. Another method to approaching the girl you like is to bring her whatever she is drinking. Wait until she is running low before you do though otherwise you are wasting your time... trust me. NEVER bring a drink to a woman that already has a full one. Start general chit chat with her.. do not go straitght in to how beautiful they are or how fly they look.. this will throw them off guard and they will be more open to talking to you.4.) Once you have broken the ice with her just have general conversation with her, where she is from, what she does, DO NOT tell her how hot she is at this point. She will see that you are not like every other guy at the club that has come up and has tried to get at her. Take her out on the dance floor if she wants to dance.. remember to keep it respectful though.. it pays off in the long run. I even throw a little of my own personal style in there because I know quite a bit of magic. Do "cute", and yes i said cute, things to keep them entertained and talking with you. You will have to find what works best for you.. but remember, always be respectful.5.) Make sure you get her number somewhere in there.. But for now just take the number and forget that you have it. Do not send her a text right away giving her your number. At the end of the night when it is time to leave, DO NOT offer to take her home, if she is drunk and does not have any friends with her, offer to help her get a cab home. You are then free to send her a text message the next day and trust me SHE WILL remember how sweet you were to her and she WILL be eating out of your hands. *NOTE: If she does insist that you take her home with you or that you take her to her house then have fun. Just keep one thing in mind. If you really like this woman and want to see where it goes with her, then it is allowable to lay in bed with her but DO NOT "Sleep" with her. Trust me, when she wakes up the next morning and realizes that you did not take advantage of the fact that she was completely wasted, you are in for dates number 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and so on!! She will think that you are prince charming. You can even go as far as making her breakfast in the morning if you really like her.This is all the advise that I have for you now and it is only the tip of the ice berg. It will help you get your foot in the door with a girl that you really like, but the rest is up to you.

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