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First to introduce yet another member... I'm on a roll :angel:

Anyway, hey there foken... welcome to Xisto. The premise of Xisto is that people like you and I can post on these forums and get free web hosting while doing so. The way all of this works is Xisto uses a credit system called 'MyCent.' With MyCent, every time you post you earn credit based on how much quality that post is. The more quality posts you make, the more MyCent you earn. Once you earn enough MyCent, you can then exchange your MyCent for free web hosting, domain names, ect. One thing to note about MyCent and Xisto is it's the quality of the posts that matter not the quanity.

Quality > Quanity

Somebody could easily make 100 posts and earn a set of Mycent, yet somebody else could only post 10 posts but earn MORE Mycent because his/her posts were longer, more thorough and contributed more. That's the way the MyCent system is built, so keep that in mind while you are browsing around the forums.

If you are still unsure about the whole Mycent system even with my length explanation, you can view this link where Opqaue(The site admin) goes into even more detail


One thing you also should do is read the forum rules. The rules and the readme are all located here:


That's all... have fun and if you need anything you can always PM me if you would like :P

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