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Which Is Easiest Friendly Php Framework To Start With? Yii, CodeIgniter, CakePHP

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I am learning MVC (Model?View?Controller) based coding on PHP. I have looked at some of the popular frameworks like Yii, Cakephp and CodeIgniter. I am looking for one of these which is easier to get started. If anyone has experience with MVC based frameworks, please share your thoughts.

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I've briefly worked with the CodeIgniter framework and it's been a breeze. It was the first MVC framework that I worked with, but I still found it rather simple to adapt to while the setup can be accomplished with a few simple steps too.


I believe Yii isn't an MVC framework but rather an event-driven development framework, though I could be wrong as I haven't used it yet. It seems to follow the ASP.NET web forms' model of web development.


I've come across two different MVC frameworks titled the Barebones MVC framework. Of the two, the single-file no-configuration MVC framework available at Google Code

has been extremely simple to use. Follow the link and you'll be surprised at how little code creating an MVC library requires in PHP. Due to the tiny memory footprint and simplicity of the MVC library, Cisco had hired the author to build upon it for creating the web-based management tools for use on routers, switches, and firewalls (and perhaps other embedded devices).


If you don't want to go all the way with building an MVC-structured application, you might want to use templates. Smarty does wonders for PHP templating and makes theming a breeze for users of your applications.

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clarification regarding barebonesmvc frameworkWhich Is Easiest Friendly Php Framework To Start With?

Hi I'm the author of the 1-file "barebonesmvc" micro-framework, and I just want to clarify.  I did indeed get to use the framework on a contract for Cisco a couple of years back, but it was just on one embedded device, which in the end they did not bring to market.  This was a usage (embedded) that I did not foresee but which in retrospect makes sense from the perspective of using as few resources as possible.  Something I did envision from the beginning, but have not yet realized, is the use of the barebonesmvc framework by authors of other open source software projects in PHP, who need MVC, but don't want to tie their project to other more fully featured MVC frameworks which will unnecessarily increase the size of their projects.

-reply by George Jempty

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