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Open Your Own Small Hosting Company And Earn $20 To $2000 Per Month 7 Step Guide, Really it worked for me....

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Hello friends,

Today I am going to teach you all how to open a hosting company and run it successfully.

This is not a short cut neither a trick. Its a way which I followed and got rich :) .

So lets start our step by step procedure....

1.) What you need to start?
A reseller account that offers nice features.
You can go for the following websites to purchase your own reseller account:-
These are some of the best websites offering feature full reseller account.

2.) How will billing and all will be managed?
Billing and automation is most important part of running a hosting company.
There are some free billing software as well as you can find some paid billing software.
Thehostingtool(free billing software)
I prefer WHMCS for long run, as it is basically for the hosting companies and has a lot of features.
If you purchase hosting pack from hostgator or magmahost you can get a paid billing software for free.

3.) Now when you have your reseller account and your billing software with you, what else you want?
Now you are all ready to go.
just remember never to sell hosting for a small price like $0.5 or $1. Always stress on quality not quantity. Start your package from $2 per month and give out small space and bandwidth instead of unlimited.
For example:-
$2 per month for 2 gb space and 20 gb bandwidth

By doing so, you'll get into some positive look:-
-> People will understand that you are not overselling and overloading your servers, thus giving a good repo.
-> You'll get decent amount of money and will be able to pay your bills properly
-> You will be able to last long in this industry.

4.) Now when all the products to be sold are ready, what to do next?
The best thing to be done next is to start gaining visibility and trust of people.

To do this you need to advertise your service and provide 100% customer satisfaction.
Not only you need to work hard on this part, but you need to give you 200% on this.

There are various ways to advertise your services:-
a) Google Adwords
:D Forum Post
c) Blog
d) Backlinks

The best way is using forums, as they are free of cost unlike Google Adwords which are very very costly.
Here are some free forums which you can join and start advertising:-

Here are some of the larger web hosting forums to get started on:

Some other very popular forums great for getting leads:
5.) Started advertising, now what?
Now you need to continue advertising. And wait for the result to start showing off. If you really keep on advertising without loosing your faith you'll be able to cross a line after which you'll get regular sign ups even without advertising.

6.) How can I expand my services?
Once you are established with offering shared hosting accounts you can purchase a VPS or a master reseller package which will allow you to sell shared hosting as well as reseller hosting.
After sometime when you start making good profit, enough to purchase your own dedicated server you can purchase it and go on with a dedicated server, which will allow you to sell shared, reseller, vps hosting types.

7.) At the end of 1 year how much can I really earn?
If you follow everything and do work with dedication you can easily go up for a monthly profit of $200 to $1000.

Disclaimer:- I do not guarantee the success of this method. Its only what I have used and thought of sharing with you people. If you fail in your business using this method, I can not be held responsible for this. This is just a layout or a starting note you can use to start your own business....

At the end I would wish you a good luck for your business. Earn well!!

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First this guide is not for all. There are many such ripoff services already and this will only lead to loss. Imagine any random kid in the block with internet access can start hosting service and can cheat people with rip-off overselling hosting. For example,look at this guy who can hardly type properly started http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/ hosting services.One more site which is doing such rip-off thing is gigaspace.co.uk and they are offering hosting packages from site which is itself hosted on VPS and overselling with free hosting and resller packages.(check hostwoot.com and you'll know) Do you expect uptime and quality from such services ?

They hardly know the technical stuff and they are going to help people solve their problems ? I doubt about that one.

It is good idea to start hosting this way and can benefit some people as starter. But looking at the long term to this it is not recommended or even worth to get into rip-off overselling business. Besides charging 1-3$ for reseller package of hostgator is going to pay the bills ? there is lot of money involved in domain registration, support and forums etc. Who is going to pay for that as well ? Adsense/kontera is not going to be long term earner if the sites are hosted on oversold servers.

Think before you get into that business, not all are successful in ripping reseller packages. You can try though if you want to.

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Think before you get into that business, not all are successful in ripping reseller packages. You can try though if you want to.

Amen. I try to stay away from these things. Most are a waste and shouldn't be dealt with.

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Look, I suppose I didn't say to any1 to follow this.It is somthing which I followed. Obviously you need to devote a lot of time for setting up a good hosting company.If you can do it you should do it or else you should not.Every1 knows there capabilities, and thus you judge yourself and move ahead.

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Nowhere i made any personal remarks for you. Do you get worked up so easily to explain this defensively ? And we are talking capability mate ? I seriously feel to laugh on this insecure reply. Besides that guide you followed and started your own hosting company ? If yes, i would like to see the result. If no, then this post is misguiding people as there are some people in this forum already made such attempt and failed with this assumption of this rip-off mirage.

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Very good guideOpen Your Own Small Hosting Company And Earn $20 To $2000 Per Month


 I don't know why everyone is complaining. This is a fantastic guide!Web Hosting is very competitive but not impossible. It's certainly not forEveryone but with some dedication you can be successful.

 I have my own hosting business and love every minute of running it.

I would like to thank 


  for posting this thread. I have bookmarked 4 ofThe forums I don't already promote on :)-reply by Jack C

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