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Dead Vaio How To Reset Your Bios (guide)

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Dead VaioHow To Reset Your Bios (guide)

Apologies--I sent this in under the wrong heading. I have a technical question, as follows:

I upgraded the memory to my daughter's Vaio before she returned toCollege. After a couple of months, the computer quit working. It willTurn on and you can hear the hard drive working, but no beeps, noBooting and no video--neither the flat panel display nor a remoteMonitor shows anything.

 After doing a bit of reading online, ISuspect maybe the memory upgrade may be at the heart of this problem.Unfortunately, the original memory modules are back in her dorm room,So to go that route, I have to send her back to school with a deadComputer and hope replacing the memory to the original mods will do theTrick.

 I've also read about flashing the bios (resetting it,Whatever), and I'm wondering if that's worth trying before doing theMemory thing. I gather there are risks involved. I'm also curious aboutWhether a dead CMOS battery would cause this problem. We bought theComputer (a floor demo model) 4 years ago. So maybe changing theBattery (assuming I can get the old one out) would do the trick.

 I'mPrepared to buy a new (used) motherboard on Ebay, but I don't want toSpend $200 and have it not work. Would replacing the motherboard(assuming the new one works) be a better approach?


-question by Eric Johnson

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Hi!If you can get a memory stick from a store to try and boot up the computer, you might be able to get it running. You might want to try removing and re-seating the existing memory in the computer before you buy a new one though.If that doesn't work, you would be replacing other parts one-at-a-time to figure out which is causing the problem. It might be cheaper for you to send the notebook PC to a service center to have it fixed because they've got surplus parts that they can try replacing your existing notebook's parts with to find the part causing the problem.To flash the BIOS, you would need to get the computer running first, but that's not likely to be the problem anyway.BTW, did you get a discount on the floor demo unit?

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