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Songbird - Powerful Music + Firefox Source Combination No, i am not lieing

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Songbird, its true!

Hey, guys i have found a new media player/browser combination. It provides a nice apple silver like skin (default) and a browser, so you can surf while listening to your favorite tunes. It also has very fast Firefox like speed (firefox open source) and it doesn't lag! There are many plugins, skins that you can download from the official site. I have been using this browser for over 5 months now and its been getting better and better through the numerous updates. i high recommend this for music fans!

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I tried Songbird a while ago and I found a few stability issues with it, along with the fact it simply refused to work with my MP3 player. The concept of combining the browser with a media player is quite good, but I just couldn't get along with the interface and the way it was executed. Personally I wouldn't recommend it, but it may suit you and it's free so give it a go!

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