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How to Track user login from server Tracking A User By Isp Number

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How to Track user login from serverTracking A User By Isp Number

Hi All,

I am developing a user tracking system where I have a program developed using PHP loaded into the remote server. The user can login to the server through a login page and the time of login, IP address of remote machine is logged to the Server database alongwith user's Id.

But my problem is I cannot track them properly as the remote machine IP Address stored are different everytime a user logs in as the login part exists in a remote server & the IP address is probably sourced by the server itself and not the remote machine. That is why I cannot track whether a user has logged in from the office or home or from somewhere else.

I have to prepare a report of the tracking records for users on a monthly basis. How can I overcome the issues and can perfectly use the system? I have to use PHP here.

Thanks in advance !!

Arnab Ghosh

-question by Arnab Ghosh

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I don't know what code you're using but if you want to track IP address, the way to do it in PHP is using$_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR']This identifies IP coming into your login page. When your page is loaded remotely from home, i.e., it will capture this home IP address. And all you need to do is run the capture IP script at the login page.Office should be the easier one since many commercial sites (at least in US) have static IP address. You can figure out your office's IP address and mark them.

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