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How To Create A Website In Flash, With Functions Like Sign In / Sign Up Or Shopping Cart what i need to learn

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I know basics of flash mx and can create animations, buttons, a bit of action script 2.0 and the " LOOK" of a website


What i need help regarding is that what do i need to know, if i want the users to register to the website and shop may be, how could i make it secure.


Are there easy to learn languages , or tools, tutorials etc ?


Where can i find them ?


What do i need to know?


please help.



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PHP is not a bad idea actually, its very flexible and the one you can really learn easily if you put your heart into it. Combined with MySQL, the combo is unbeatable!!Anyway, in case you want to stick with Flas, then learn lots of actionscript too.The thing with these programming languages is that once you learn anyone, you can easily adapt to most of them, they do similar thing, just use different syntax. :)

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Well, I really can't say anything about the "flash website" bit, because I really can't do anything about that as I am not an expert in that area, but if you want no fuss, fast results, and easy editing, and all that, I suggest you to base your site on a secure Content Management System (CMS) and use that instead. You can use CMSs like Drupal and Joomla!, where there are already modules made for you and you will just have to intergrate that into your website... it's really easy, I swear. You won't even need to touch any code at all, but maybe just to change some colours and some settings if you feel like it. :)

But if you want ot make your whole site by yourself, well, then, you can still download the modules and plug-ins from Drupal and Joomla! CMSs, look at the code and see what you can do with it. You can use that as a base to start your coding from scratch, or you can just edit the existing code to whatever you want... either way, I believe that if you want to created any kind of function related thing, download the need modules and learn from them.

Another thing that you might want to do is the learn PHP... PHP is a very good coding language if you want to make modules like those... it is rather interactive and it is a very good coding language to learn. You will also need to have some basic coding language knowledge on PHP if you want to edit the modules as well... :D

You can borrow some books off your local library to learn how to code in PHP and experiment in your text editer (Notepad in Windows and TextEdit in Macintosh computers) or you can also learn it off the web. I learnt PHP that way, though I only know the basics and I can't really code yet.
A good website to learn PHP would be this : http://www.w3schools.com/.

Good LUCK!!! If you have any more questions, feel free to post them up here on Xisto. There are many good coders here in Xisto that may be able to help you with any of your problems should you have any difficulty in coding your site. :(

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