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Game Making For Idiots. Part 1

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Hey everybody! i though i would post a few guides of those interested in making games more complicated than pac-man! Posted Image


so here we go!! (these are all my own work by the way!)


The zombie line


As awesome as most games consoles are nowadays, they still possess limited ability, games can only be as good as the console, this creates a performance problem :



I don't mean radically massive problems, but just enough to cause difficulties when developing a game. This problem gave birth to the ZOMBIE LINE principal.


As you can see, the zombie line cuts down the middle with game performance(this includes animation) at one end, and Graphical appearance at the other.


Why is animation included with performance?

Animation is a very resource intensive thing, so it goes with performance.


So, what does Graphical appearance mean?

The level of detail across the entire game.


Well, why not meet them halfway? and just balance them out?

Think about it, games like Final Fantasy are renowned for superior graphics, but Gears of War is all about the gameplay, thats what makes them good, they sacrificed a little of whatever to focus on what the developers wanted the game to be!

Final Fantasy is closely linked to anime, which is noted for amazing quality images. Gears of War was created by people who make game engines for a living, so there was always going to be a focus on performance and control.


So, whats the solution? Choose what you feel is best! do you want to make a game that looks amazing? or one that plays awesomely?

Notice from galexcd:

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What you're speaking of reminds me of Doom 3. It was widely regarded as being extremely boring but visually amazing but a lot of people loved the experience because of the atmosphere the graphics created. I want to make a game that plays awesomely. I don't have the artistic ability to focus on looks! Then again, I don't have the ability to make a game at all. I wouldn't mind making a simple game, but I think it's hard to learn how to do that.

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Even with tutorials I couldn't make a decent game :lol: Still, this only answers simple questions that someone would look up in seconds in Google or somewhere else. I could never be arsed to make a game. Never. lol

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