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Your Nameless_ Guide To Psionic Anchors... Another article from moi, Nameless_, on psionic anchors for beginners&

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Just found another one of my old articles that I have written from last year on psionic anchors... thought all still active psions in this forums might be interested in what I have to share!!!




A powerful way to transform your state of mind is to use anchors. Anchors can also be use to make things automatically, like a psiball. Now, what exactly are anchors?


The definition of Anchors

"Anchors are things you see, hear or feel that can immediately put you into a certain state."


There are infact, many, many anchors around us already, but you might not notice. However, they are mostly negative, and they put you into a lousy state. Examples can be your bed (where it makes you sleepy), your teacher's voice (makes to bored immediately), or your psi wheel (which gives you a bad impression if you don't have any motivation at all).


For many psions, we should get rid of all these bad anchors, and replace them with positive ones. This would mean that if we ever see, hear or feel them, they will make us super-motivated for psychic work.


How do we create new Anchors?

When we are in a very intenese state, there is sometimes one thing that is repeated over and over again. And will will then unconciously link that object to the state we are in. And that object, also known as a stimulus, is our anchor!!!


Anchors are not neccessarily objects. Motions can be too. For example, when we feel happy, we smile. So smiling is an anchor. We can now smile, to feel happy! It will trigger that same state of happiness.


Steps to Creating Your Own Anchors


1. First, get yourself into the state of what you want to be, or what you want to make.



2.Now, get the anchor in while you are in this state. So, you can use a psiwheel, and look at it while you are making a psiball. OR you can listen to a certain music while making one.


3.Repeat the last step for like, 5-6 times.


4. Now test it. Get yourself into a neutral mood and look at your anchor. It should work after a few attempts.


Removing Anchors

Anchors are so strong that it is very hard to remove them. One of the easiest ways is to make new ones that will cover your old ones. So, if you created an anchor that makes you tired, you should create another one that makes you energetic (with the same stimulus, of course) to overlap it.


eg. Your bad anchor is a bed that makes you tired. You then create a stronger anchor to overcome this old one. Now, you feel energetic when you see your bed. (You do not need to make a stronger anchor everytime you remove it. All you have to do is to make sure that your anchor is stronger during your first few times. The old anchor will slowwly fade away after a time.


(Yeah.. that's it... sorry it's quite short though... ;) )

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