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Best Online Gaming Sites Review Top 3 Online Gaming Websites

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After doing a lot of research I finally found top 3 free online gaming sites

1. http://www.miniclip.com/games/en/

Miniclip gives wide variety of games ranging from Racing to Brain Training games. You can also challenge other players who are online to a game but only after you have created a profile on the site called a "MiniMe".



This website have got some of the best free online games. The best part is you don't have to register to play a game. Just click on a game that you like and you're ready to rock. Apart from playing solo, you can also test your gaming skills by competing with people from around globe.



This amazing website gives you access to numerous games that are grouped into 13 categories. The website has also revived old classic games like Super Mario, and Sonic the Hedgehog. The games on this website neither require you to install any additional software nor ask you to register to the website.


If you know any other online gaming website which you have came across then tell us about it and also tell us why you think it is best.


So, create your own list of best online gaming websites and make people aware of them.


See you again ;):P:P

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Yep, these are good gaming sites.

But I usually rely on aggregators for my gaming needs.
Probably the most well known example would be jayisgames, which is an online community where people post all the newest games on the internets!

Another site is lazylaces, but they tend to concentrate on Point and click games.

And when talking about online gaming, you just can't forget newgrounds or kongregate.

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Should this be in the Website Reviews category? Thought it is more suitable for the Games category.

I don't know about this! I put this in the category which I think is more suitable for the topic at the time of posting the topic. But, in case if this topic fit more inside Games Category then let a mod move this topic to the games category.

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