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To Sell My Blog Domain selling my own blog domain

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I have a blog http://www.herbalgranny.com/ and now its pr is 1 and I have to sell it only in $1000 .

The site which has been aforementioned is a site which gives treatments to recuperate from many common ailments. You won't need to spend on medical bills if you login to http://www.herbalgranny.com/. This is the sole site which gives authentic herbal treatments practically for every ailment.

If any one interested plz contact me at sonaliindore@gmail.com

waiting for right client

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Hi!I believe $1,000 is a steep price, considering most domains are sold on GoDaddy for anywhere from $50 to $500. I don't trade in domains, so I can't give you an expert opinion, but this has been my general observation. I'm not trying to discourage you because you just might get a buyer willing to shell out $1,000 for the domain name.Also, I was wondering if you would be selling only the domain name or also the blog system and all the articles on it. If you are selling only the domain, the Google PageRank of the domain would probably drop significantly when the content that the domain is pointing to has changed and all the inbound links become broken links. While I do agree that this would take a bit of time for Google to discover that the links are no longer available on the domain, it would eventually occur.By the way, I'd like to know why you would like to sell the blog especially since it seems like a pretty good idea.Regards,Nitin Reddy

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