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What Is This Mysterious Pay-per-click Service?

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Recently I visited an old friend and while we were talking casually, suddenly the topic of online earning came up and then he slyly told me that he was making a lot every month by placing ads on his websites and then making people to click on them everyday. I was a bit surprised by this and asked him how he did it. Then to increase my curiosity, he showed me one such site. Here's what I saw....the site had nothing but ads! Now how could any CPC service allow that? What's more, he has 10-15 sites like this one and he gives these sites to some people and asks them to click 2 ads on them daily!


He didnt' tell me how much he was earning but he did tell me that he was paying $20 per month to the clicking guys. I was shocked! If he was giving away $200 (or possibly more) per month then how much could be be earning?!!! Naturally I asked him this but he said it was a secret.


Now all I want is to know how he does it. I wish he hadn't told me about it but now that he has I need to know!!! Here is the site he showed me. Could someone take a look at the site (and maybe at its source code) and guess what service he is using? I know what he is doing is wrong, but all I want to know is how he's doing it! I hope someone finds out soon. Thanks a lot.

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I finally found the right site to make money online. What Is This Mysterious Pay-per-click Service?

A real site that actually pays

I have tried just about everything to make money online with no success. I have tried every program and PTC site, until now. I finally found a great site that actually is so good and I am making  just over $4,000.00 per month and growing in just 5 weeks. Any body that has been scammed before then check out this site. http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/ . I get paid to to click on ads . The coolest thing is that it was free to join. There are a lot of ways to make money online, but honestclicks.Info is the cream of the crop. I thought I would share this to people who are struggling and looking for a legitimate way to make incredible income. I got my first payout and no problems at all. Thanks honestclicks.Info and thank for your great customer support. You changed my life.


Mike Groux

-reply by Mike Groux

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