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My Hello And A Question Mycent question -- HELLO :)

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To start off ill ask my question -- Do my first 5 posts count toward my MYCENTS? because i know you have to make 5 QUALITY posts before you can accumulate MYCENTS, but i am wondering if those first 5 count.

Anyways, about me, i enjoy sports,primarrily BasketBall, Lacrosse, and FootBall.
In basket-ball, i play gaurd, foward, and/or Point gaurd.
In Foot-Ball, i play Long Receiver, Center, or Quarter back
In Lacrosse i play either attack or defense

I knwo a good amount of web - designing code, including HTML, and am fairly fond of designing small sites, but not big ones.

The music i enjoy includes:

Linkin park -- Some of there songs are alrightMy Chem.R-- Liked them before " welcome to the black parade "
Miley Cyrus-- Shes just a pretty - pretty good - singer. (: nice pun :lol:
My Normal collection is like this
ARTIS ------------------ SONG-----------ALBUM---
Angels on the moon -- thriving ivory -- The collection
Closer --------------- Joshua Radin -- The Collection
Fly On the wall ------- Miley Cyrus --- The collection
.Only You ------------ Joshua Radin -- The Collection
Tribute -------------- Tenacious D --- Kickapoo
Second chance ------ Shinedown ----- ( i think its a single )
Spotlight ------------ Miley Cyrus ----- Hannah Montana The Movie Soundtrack
Butterfly Fly Away --- Miley cyrus ----- Hannah Montana The movie Soundtrack
Dream --------------- Miley Cyrus ----- Hannah Montana The movie Soundtrack
Forgotten ----------- Linkin Park ------ Hybrid Theory
I'd Rather be with U - Joshua Radin ---- Scrubs (season 2) Soundtrack
Pictures of you ------ Last Goodnight -- The Collection
Renegad ------------ Kris Allen -------- No Album data, just there, but Americanidol
Simple song --------- Miley Cyrus ------- An album , no data
The Climb ----------- Miley Cyrus ------- Hannah Montana The movie Soundtrack
They Bring me to you-Joshua Radin ------ The Collection
Today -------------- Joshua Radin ------ The Collection
What if you ---------Joshua Radin ------ The Collection
Whats Left Of me --- Nick Lachey ------- Not sure
Winter --------------Joshua Radin ------ The Collection
Endless love -------- Danny Gokey ------ American idol season 8
Falling slowly ------- Kris Allen ---------- American Idol Season 8
2 make u feel my love-Joshua Radin ------ The Collection
What hurts the most -Danny Gokey ------ American Idol Season 8
Man In The Mirror ---Kris Allen ----------- American Idol Season 8
Every time we touch - Cascada ---------- ????????????????????
Comatose ---------- Skillet ------------- No album.
Rebirthing you -------Skillet ------------- No album.
Those nights -------- Skillet ------------- No album.
The riverr ----------- Good Charlet ------ ?????????????????????

I listen to more, but thats the most common, anyways, now you know, please answer my question ( and check out the audio editor on giveaway of the day, I love it )

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To my best knowledge, they should count. Though, don't just take my word for it. I've a decent amount of posts under my belt, but I haven't actually been around here for all that long. Your best bet is to ask a mod or put in a support ticket on the Xisto - Support website


So, welcome to the Trap!


I've seen a lot of interesting people in my almost-27 years, but now I have a new one to add to the "collection": A "jock" :XD: that enjoys computers and coding :lol:! And here, I thought I was a walking contradiction much of the time :D (I'm a first-nature artist & writer who also enjoys math and computers and robotics) It's all good though! I think it's great that you are taking strides outside the stereotypes and meshing two different interest groups together :)


But, be assured (as I think you may have already discovered, judging by your post count :P) that there are conversation spots around here for everything you might be interested in, whether you feel like more of a jock one day, or a geek the next, or would rather chat about your latest music obsession!


However, before you just jump in, here is some very important content to help you learn how to tread the water around here. :D


So, take care and have fun! I look forward to seeing you around. :D

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Yes they would count, but you won't receive anything until after you reach the 5 post limit and so you could earn a lot in those 5 posts by the time you activate the MyCent system for you account.

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Hi and welcome to Xisto, I'm sure you'll find your stay here to be really enjoyable while you make new friends, learn new stuff and earn for your Xisto account :angel:


Just stay sure to abide by the rules, to not post to many topics with short opinions of one line that aren't valued a bit in this forum if they are posted often.


Stay cool :(

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I've listened to some of the songs you have mentioned, and as far as a couple of the ones you didn't know the albums to, i've listend to them rather recently so i know that:Shinedown - Second Chance comes off of their "Sound of Madness" album. (check out the song of the same name, its awesome)and your 3 songs by Skillet come off of their "Comatose" album :(and welcome!

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