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Cd Drive Not Detected

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Sometimes????? Your computer is strange. Maybe there is a loose connection in our IDE cable or your power wire to your cd drive. Otherwise I cannot think of any reason as to why your computer SOMETIMES detect a cd drive and other times do not detect it.

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Anyone's help would be appreciated on explaining to my why my computer sometimes does not detect my cd/dvd drive.

Are you referring to your computer not recognizing some CDs/DVDs or not being able to see the drive at all?

For CDs/DVDs, you need to make sure you insert them correctly. With laptop drives, you've got to make sure the CD is properly fitted onto the spindle while for desktop drives, you've got to make sure you've inserted the disc into the center of the tray. Make sure that you clean the disc with a lint-free cloth before inserting it into the drive and store them away from dust when not in use.

The drive itself may, at times, need some cleaning if the lens picks up dust. You can use a cotton bud or a soft material to clean it. Avoid using alcohols or cleaning fluids to clean it.

Keep your computer up-to-date with the latest drives and patches, and make sure you've got automatic updates enabled.

Nitin Reddy

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