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Mysql Result Problem mysql sending back no results for select statement

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this line:


select * from fusion_tor_info where (inf_name like '%xmen%' or inf_desc like '%xmen%' or inf_loc like '%xmen%' ) and inf_cat = 'movies' and inf_scat = 'Other' order by inf_seeds DESC

seems to not get any results from mysql, it works fine until my php page generates the and inf_cat = 'movies' and inf_scat = 'Other'.

i indeed have a line that has xmen in the inf_name col, movies in inf_cat and Other in inf_scat. is there an error in my select query? any help would be appreciated.

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Hi!Apparently, everything you've got in the database seems to be in lower case, except for the "O" in "inf_scat = 'Other'". Can you verify that your capitalization is correct?Run the query:select * from fusion_tor_info where inf_cat = 'movies'and the queryselect * from fusion_tor_info where inf_scat = 'Other'to determine if you get any results.If both queries work fine and, as you've mentioned, the query also works fine without adding the two additional conditions in the where clause then you probably just don't have "xmen" within the Movies - Other category. Check your data and reply back to the thread if you're still have an issue with it.Regards,Nitin Reddy

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