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Panaromic Photos On Digital Cameras?

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Hey guys, my digital camera is Sony DSC-w110 Cybershot. You guys know any method or software to make it take panaromic photos?My phone (nokia 5320) can take panoramic photos. It happens this way. You take a photo, then turn to a side, then the phone takes another photo, you turn again and another photo. Like wise after all the photos are taken they get stitched in to a long 1 photo.When you zoom the photo and move it left and right, you can see the photos as like a panoramic view. Like this you can take 360 degrees view.You guys know any method to do this in sony digital cameras??????

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With digital cameras you normally make the panorama on the PC afterwards. The best method is to use a tripod and take a sequence of shots as you move the camera round. Try to move the camera each time by about 1/3 to 1/2 of the width of the image, so at least half of the previous photo is visible on the screen. This helps to assemble the images on the PC.

Then load the images on to your PC and use software to 'stitch' them together. My current application of choice is Hugin. The software should go through the images and find points that match up between images (hence why a lot of overlap is good), then arrange the photos into one large image.

With this method you can also take panoramas vertically, or both horizontally and vertically to create a massive image of the scene in front of you. There are also options to correct the curving effect that comes into the images from assembling them.

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