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Plz Take A Little Look At My Site And Guide Me

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Can't tell you anything until there is a link available to click.Bbcodes are used on this forum to add a link.

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HeloSomedays ago i just created my own forum can you guide me plz is there anything missin gin my forum??



I can tell you that the first thing you are missing is the URL to your forum. You can't get anyone to give you a review if you don't give them the URL! :lol:

Anyway, here are a few general tips you might want to consider:
1. A typical user visiting a forum usually wants to browse around before joining, so you might want to allow guest users to view existing messages.
2. Make sure you keep spam messages away. They can literally kill a forum, particularly those that exploit forums to insert Javascripts that redirect to another page.
3. Keep it sweet & simple. The more complex the interface, the less likely users would want to post to the forum. Keep formatting options to a minimum at least in the initial stages.

Nitin Reddy

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