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Problems With Google Domain Mail?

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I was wondering if there is a problem on Google, meaning the addresses using a domain associated with Xisto.


I have my email for 2 domains, both hosted at Xisto there, one is adminATvlaanderen-flandersDOTorgDOTuk, with some different aliases set up, and the other one is frankieATalanandfrankieDOTcoDOTcc.


In case of the first one, I cannot log into my account anymore, it says no such account exists, yet I can still send and receive mail from my email client to and from that account, but I cannot receive email on any alias.


For the second one, I still receive and send too, but I can't log into it. Also, my domain had disappeared, I had to set it up again and point it to the Xisto - Web Hosting nameservers again at co.cc.


I have tried to contact google, but email support for free accounts is non existent, you have to sign in with an account that has the format ....@gmail.com, you can't sign into the contact us page with a domain Google email.


Does anyone know if anything has gone wrong at Google, or if there is a temporary problem, or if the free domain emails have been scrapped?

It looks like you cannot sign up for mail using a domain name anymore.


I am asking this here since I have no way to contact Google directly, and also, to check whether the fault might be at Xisto's end, since I have been unable to log into the forum for a few days.


If anyone could let me know I would be grateful, then maybe I would have to find a way to sign up for email with my domains at Trap 17.


By the way, that completely unmetered package at Xisto, how much does that cost (Xisto are not very clear on that) and does that include email?


But, please, could anyone who knows more about this urgently let me know what is going on, as I am desperate to get my email back.


Thank you in advance.


Latest update:

It looks like the problem(s) has (have) now disappeared.

However, I am waiting with concluding or closing this message until I am sure it is working permanently now.


In the mean time, if anyone did know anything about Google problems, still feel free to let me know.



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Google have been having alot of Glitch's in the Mail system you maybe on of the effected members... I am not sure whats to do but go to bbc.co.uk/news and search google mail it has a support thing in which you can do if you cannot logon to your account...

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Have support confirm that your MX record is set to Google. Also make sure that the domain is confirmed and things like that. Something similar happened to me.

Oh yes, that was all checked and confirmed.Had lots of problems in the beginning with CNAME and MX records and all that stuff, but then I asked Xisto to step in.
It just happened yesterday, and for some odd reason, on co.cc, my domain was classed as "available" and had disappeared as a result.

But, as I said, at the moment things seem to be back to normal (touch wood).

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Google say this whole problem should be fixed this Friday and I hope it does... For you... If it doesn't contact them :D.

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