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Mail Domain, Web Domain-what's The Difference? Im confused

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Hey Guys, At our company we have had a domain that we use that was registered in 2005 by our ISP as a part of their broadband package. We have been using this domain for email and someone told me that we could not use this domain unless we register it for a website. I really do not understand this whole website-email domain thing. Can a domain be registered for one thing and not be able to do another thing. Today when I went there asking them to register it for the web they told me it was already registered and all we need to do was tell the web host that we have an existing domain already. Can anybody tell me what I am supposed to do with this domain so that I use it for our website. Our ISP does not host sites anymore.If it's true that there's nothing more that needs to be done how do I host the site here at Xisto with my kudmus account?

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A domain, once registered, can be used for websites and email, and anything else you care to think of. In the eyes of the domain, websites and email are the same thing. All the domain does is point you to the right port on the right machine to carry that task out.


If the domain is registered in your name then you will have been provided with information to access some form of control panel for it. Log in and change the nameservers to:



After a couple of hours the domain will be ready to link to any hosting account with Xisto or Xisto - Web Hosting.


If the domain is registered by the ISP, and in their name, then you will need to contact them to change the relevant details.

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