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Did any of you come across this service called heysan.com. I am not very sure as to what they do.. but they have been spamming many people, my friends which comes from real experience and I am very annoyed at them. They just like that send messages to the contacts from gtalk and believe me I got some 5-10 messages asking me to join the service.. the problem being... the messages from my friends contacts... Some of friends got annoyed and sent me a mail telling that it was not them who sent them.. but the service...

Hi Guys,

If you get any gtalk ping from your contacts with a similar kind of message.. Ignore it.. Its sending to all the gtalk contacts and spreading like anything.. Dont click the link..

your_email_ID@gmail.com posted a photo of you, untag it here: http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/

This is very bad for the service...
Then i did some checking... and realized they are good, but this is not a way to get popularity and get hits. If you guys are not doing it, its your responsibility to stop the spammers who use your identity and do it. Else the credibility (if you have something like that... ) of the service will be lost.


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When I saw the thread title I thought of the Norwegian word "heisann" that means "hello, hi or hey." :) Well I do recieve lots of messages on MSN from friends, who most often are actually not even logged on, saying things like: "Blubear u gotta check out this site, they hav got like lots of info bout you. *link goes here*." Haha, the funny things is that many of my friends would never speak or write English to me, and if they would they would not speak it that way. And they are logged off. I remember when a virus spread so quickly on MSN, almost everyone had it. Of course I was not that stupid to click on stupid links from friends who say things they normally would not.I did not understand exactly what heysan.com do, but I doubt it is the same thing?

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