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Common Causes Of Wrinkles

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Growing old is a natural and inevitable process and so is wrinkling, that is, if you aren?t thinking of going for botox. While we can?t stop ourselves from ageing, the onset of wrinkles can be delayed. Here are some common causes of wrinkles and how we can prevent or reduce their impact.



Women begin ageing from age 25 onwards. The skin starts to lose its radiance and become dry. The amount of fats under skin is gradually reduces. Due to a reduction in moisture and oil, the skin wrinkles at the corner of the eyes and forehead. We can?t avoid ageing, but we should keep our skin healthy and well-moisturized at all times by consuming sufficient water, fruits and vegetables daily. Using moisturizing creams help too.


UV Rays

Over-exposure to UV Rays cause skin to get dry and even crackly. Small wrinkles on your skin are the result of these little cracks. Avoid sun-tanning, and apply sunblock when you go out.

Weight fluctuation

Skin becomes saggy when you lose too much weight at one go. Wrinkles are a result of lines formed when your skin folds over. Maintain a regular diet; don?t go on crash diets or intense weight-loss regimes.


Facial muscle movement

Frequent movement of the same facial muscles results in wrinkling. Laughter intensifies wrinkles at the corner of the eyes. Wrinkles on the forehead are emphasized when you frown. I?m not suggesting that you walk around expressionless all day as facial movements are really inevitable, but it would be a good idea not to frown.



Consuming too much alcohol overworks the excretory system, causing skin to age faster, consequently leading to the premature surfacing of wrinkles.



Smoking causes wrinkles to appear faster. If you already have wrinkles, smoking causes an even greater number of wrinkles to appear.


Insufficient rest

The lack of sleep is often reflected on one?s face. Insufficient sleep causes one to age faster, and subsequently, the development of wrinkles.

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As the ancients would have it, we are all born with one foot in the grave, so a harmless wrinkle here or there shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone. We are born, we crawl irritably upon this earth for a short, miserable span, and at last our bodies crumble back into the dust from whence we sprang. Never mind the fact the body is but a shell for spirit. Did you hear me? We are spirit!


And stiil, vanity prevails. All is vanity in the end, yes? That being the case, I've found the avoidance of child-bearing a great boon to smooth skin and youthful vitality in general. To illustrate, I compare a woman of my age who has not served as host to a human parasite to one who has, and more often than not, I see deep furrows between her weathered brows. Very deep furrows. These are the wrinkles of anger, frustration, and helplessness - no doubt the result of years of placating a child she allowed someone else to raise. That "someone else" is more often than not a combination of television and the public fool system. She was too busy earning money for stuff she didn't really want to impress people she didn't really like to waste time on something as inconsequential as raising her own child. How antiquated! She did not succumb to alcohol, tobacco, or other time-honored human traditions recently demonized by the culture creators of Madison Avenue. Oh no. She took the Prozac her white-coat drug pusher prescribed. She slathered her skin in petroleum based lotions and cremes. She ate fast foods hydrogenated in Canola oil and eschewed the saturated fats in butter and coconut oil.


And now, she has more wrinkles than the woman who drinks wine with dinner and garnishes her toast with real butter.

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Another consequence of ageing, eyesight is not so accurate anymore, so there might be myopia and presbiopia and what not, so you can't see straight so more, so you will squint more trying to see better and you will force your eye muscles more and you will get chicken feet on the corner of your eyes since youre old and your skin is not as elastic as it used to be and then, if you don't go see an eye doctor soon, you'll be old and nearly bling squinting as you drive very slowly trying to see if it's okay to change lanes haha you'll die :lol:Peggy, from the cartoon The King of The Hill, says wearing glasses also hides wrinkles! She gave this hint in that episode where she met a transvestite who thought she was one of them :D Not the funiest cartoon but it gave a good hint ^_^

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You can not avoid all wrinkels no matter what you do, because it just happens. People turn old and the amount of wrinkles they have are different from person to person. Sometimes it is something you inherit from your parents. In my case: I do not smoke, I do not drink alchohol and the closest thing I come to laughing or smiling is this neat little smiley: " :) " If there is sun here my eyes hate it so I stay inside, or I put on way to much sun-lotion. I am not even 16 years old so this is not something that I care about for the moment, but I can use it as a reason to get more sleep. :)

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