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Sub-/addon/parked Domains What are they?

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I am very confused. I do not know what are sub-domains, addon domains, and parked domains are..... I looked them up on Google and they said that all of them don't differ much. Are sub-domains xxxxx.domain.ext? I don't know what addon and parked domains are........ What are the domain.ext/xxxxx/ ? Does Xisto allow you to have free domain.ext/xxxxx/ or are they parked/addon domains? Thanks in advance~!! =)

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Assume that your Account is Hosted on the Xisto, and that you are using a trap Subdomain. An example would be jlhaslip.trap17.com.

The Account, in this case is already a sub-domain of the main Domain.


Your account can also have a sub-domain named "forum", in which case the access to the sub-domain would be either of forum.jlhaslip.trap17.com, or jhaslip.trap17.com/forum/. Creating a sub-domain automatically creates a folder in your account with the same name.

Add-on Domains

Let's say you purchase a domain-name of mydomain.com and "add-on" the domain to the above jlhaslip.trap17.com.

In that case, you create an Add-on Domain on your account, pointing the nameservers to the Xisto Name-servers. When someone access the "mydomain.com, they get taken to a folder of your account, the folder specified when you created the Add-on Domain.

Parked Domains

Again, you purchase the "mydomain.com" domain name, but this time you Park the account on your account. In this case, when someone accesses the "mydomain.com", they are taken to the main folder of the account, in this case, jlhaslip.trap17.com.


One of the distinctions between all these is that the add-on and sub-domains handle the Statistics for the account differently. The Stats for the Add-on and sub-domains are segregated in the Awstats reports. You can determine the number of visits, etc for them separately from your main account information.


Boy, I hope I answered the question properly.

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jlhaslip covered them very well. I will just give some examples for them.

Assume you have yourdomain.com.


A sub-domain is is just sub division of the domain name. If you have a downloads section in your domain name, you can specify download.yourdomain.com. download is the sub-domain of your yourdomain.com

For example, mail is the subdomain of the yahoo domain (mail.yahoo.com)


If you want to add another domain name to the same website you can use parked domain. Supposes in addition to yourdomain.com, you have anotherdomain.com. If you set this as parked domian, it will point to the same website. That is , when a visitor enters yourdomain.com or anotherdomain.com they will give the same website.

For example, mail.yahoo.com and yahoomail.com will gives you the same page.


If you want to add different websites to your same hosting account, you can use addon domains. You can set yourdomain.com to one website and anotherdomain.com to another website. You just need to point them to different folders. Thats all.

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Oh I see, thanks everyone!! xpress, I just noticed that you signed up on my birthday. xDDD. So sub-domains are xxxxx.domain.ext. or domain.ext/xxxxx/ . Addon domains is like an extra domain that has nothing to do with your main website. Parked domains are kinda like pointers in C++ right? Well.....it points to a website.

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