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Who Uses Ebay To Make Money?

Who uses Ebay to make money?  

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If I had something to sell the postage would probably be too much anyway, and I kind of want to keep all my things. :) I use a lot of money on Ebay though, it is a okey place where you can find a lot of weird and fun stuff... right now I am in love with an old polaroid camera. Aww.

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Up until recently, I've been a very active seller on ebay for the past 4 years. This venue has changed so much recently.At one time, ebay provided a fair playing field for both buyers and sellers, but starting about a year ago all that changed. Now the buyer has all the advantages and the seller is the one who stands the chance of being ripped off, has higher fees to pay, can't warn other sellers any more by giving any kind of negative feedback about buyers and has more and more restrictions placed on them by ebay about shipping and what form of payments are acceptable to specify in your listings.When ebay bought Paypal, we all suspected that eventually ebay would say that Paypal is the ONLY form of payment sellers can accept and that is exactly what's happening now. No more money orders, cash, personal cheques, only Paypal. Of course, Paypal's fees are now another money grab for Paypal and ebay.I also used to participate in the ebay community forums, helping other members resolve problems, showing them where they can find information and of course socializing. The community forums used to be a fun, pleasant place with more experienced members helping the less experienced. Now even that has changed. Many of the experienced members were of course sellers and there is so much discontent with ebay that many of these very knowledgeable people have left and no longer participate. Why help ebay when they are doing nothing to help us?ebay is now also allowing large discounters to be sellers and offering them special rates and deals that the average seller is not being offered. So to get back to the question of using ebay to make money? At one time the small seller could indeed sell items and make some profit but now that's all fallen by the wayside as it's obvious that ebay no longer cares about them. The whole ebay thing started out with small sellers offering new and used goods, collectibles etc and this is what made ebay a great place for both sellers and buyers. That whole concept has been shot down now by ebay. So can you make money? Only if you're lucky and have a very very unique and rare item to sell and even then there is no guarantee it will get the market value price.I'm still buying and selling collectible porcelain and figures but now I put them up for auction with a local auctioneer and even after paying his 25% fees, I'm making more profit.

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