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Welcome All New Registered Users Of Trap17 Please read as soon as you join.

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Hello. Xisto welcomes all of you great new members to our fabulous community of Free webhosting with No Ads! :lol:


First thing you need to do when you have registered, is make your Introduction in the Introductions forum so we can all meet, and get to know you. ^_^ Next you have to post a bit till you get 10, or 30 hosting credits. Once you have the required posts (They must be non-spammed quality posts. No 1 liners.) you may apply for hosting.


Wait....before you even try to apply, please read the Xisto Readme. Make sure you read every single word of this thread. It will be very useful to you for your future hosted website here with Xisto. The Xisto Board Rules are very important and I highly recommend you read them too.


I will post a few helpful links, and what they are for you below.


Pre-signup FAQ


Terms of Service (TOS) and Acceptable Use Policy (AUP)


I believe the Free Web Hosting Service Registration will be of some help aswell as the other threads. it is also highly recommended that you read each and every sentence. :D


Now, I leave it all to you! :D Get posting and join in with our friendly community and contribute to the service.


I give you good luck with your future hosting account here with Xisto, and please don't hesitate to ask questions about Xisto, and suggest new things.


It would also help us, if you would kindly spread the word about us around the Internet. :D


Thank you,


-Sky :D

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The hosting credit system has changed a little since this post, but all the rest of the information is well defined and correct. Keep up the informative work, Sky.

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