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The Best 3d Animation Software Tell us about your favorite 3D animation software.

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Some of free 3D Animation softwares are,
* Blender - https://www.blender.org/
* Wings 3D - http://www.wings3d.com/

Other 3D Softwares are,

* Autodesk 3D Studio Max * Autodesk Maya
* Inivis AC3D
* Carrara
* DAZ Studio
* MAXON Cinema 4D
* Autodessys form-Z
* Houdini
* LightWave 3D
* Grome
* MilkShape 3D
* Pixels 3D
* Massive
* Luxology Modo
* Relux Pro
* Poser
* Bryce
* Realflow
* Nevercenter Silo
* Avid Softimage|XSI
* solidThinking
* solidWorks
* TrueSpace
* Vue 6
* Pixologic ZBrush

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I personally use cinema 4D for rendering my 3D models. It may not be free like wings and blender and it may not me the best tool for modeling with, but it does a gorgeous job at rendering. In fact what me and my friend used to do was model in wings and then import them into cinema 4D to texture and render them.

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There is no good 3D / Animation suite but whats important is which one would suits you and you are comfortable with the workflow.Personally i used Maya for years and recently i switch to Softimage XSI after the announcement of the version 7 since the workflow in XSI suits me more than Maya. Animation wise, i did say stick with 3DS Max. There is no good community based support that is parred with 3DS Max, this means, if you need guides, tutorials or questions, virtually all existing 3D community sites cater 3DS Max.In rendering, all major suites come with Mental Ray engine except for C4D, Lightwave, Blender..etc but in 3DS max, you have the option to between Mental Ray and some other 3rd party renderer like vRay.My advice is stick with what you have, ONLY change to other suites if you feel uncomfortable with the current.

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I recently got back into 3D animation and rendering. Right now I'm using Amorphium Pro and Autodesk 3D Studio MAX. Does anyone know of any other good software to use for 3D animation?

Get Blender3D, its probably the best free 3D graphics program out there. It has good video tutorials as well. It supports many types of exports, e.g.wavefront, .3ds

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Probably 3ds MAx. Although very pricey , it produces incredible results and it would take a lot to sway me from it :)

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Wings3D isnt more than just a modeler application. It is more like Silo and Modo that focus on enhancing modeling tools. Wings3D is actually written with the inspiration of Mirai, a now defunct 3D package that once used in many console games development due to its flexible development pipeline and solid good modeling features.Blender is making some noises in the 3D industry. Recently with the FX house i work with, they are using Blender for pre-visualization. With new authors writing books on Blender, i would say in a few years time, Blender will find its role in the 3D/film industry.

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Lightwave v9.6 is a Great software! but if you are looking for something not so pricey than I agree that Blender 3D is the choice to make!

-reply by compute3

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Other to NoneThe Best 3d Animation Software

I can't voice it loud enough.

I have been fiddling with Lightwave since 1996. Had my mind unleashed with Lightwave 7.5.

Liked it better than 8 and 9. Though those have had better organization.

 All Hail Lightwave, Light Bringer and Seer of all 3D.

I challenge you all to bear fruit with your little trinket softwares.

I defy your labor and knowledge with the power of the light.

It is not about money, It is not about how things are done.

It is about righteousness and perfection. Nothing can beat Lightwave, on Earth.

If you don't believe me, go on a quest and research some of the best work on the planet that has been done with Lightwave. There are so many, I need to dedicate a website cast in stone for it.

I doubt you will find anything in its simplicity and perfection. The best things in life are in front of you, all you have to do is look!.

 If You think guys that I am blabbering, I would like to inform you, I have a portfolio going high as 4 GB in digital publications comprised of final render photos, not larger than your monitor's resolution. That is not counting the printing resources and scence and object models. Hahahahahaha. Mowaahahahahahaha.

 So, when you decide to counter my words, be sure to hold your sack well while I render my wrath upon thee.

May Lightwave guide your way and may God guide you to Lightwave.

-reply by xdrone

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