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Manly man

Nectar Of The Gods: Irn Bru The finest drink produced south of Cumbrae.

Have you tasted Irn Bru?  

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Irn Bru is my favourite drink of all time. It is coloured by E110, or 'Sunset yellow' (how cute) a colouring banned in America, and is flavoured by... Iron? It does taste odd, but delicious.A lot of people say they are addicted to products (tea, chocolate) but these are lies, I honestly am addicted to Irn Bru. How the E110 is affected my frail health, I am unsure, but it's delicious.Irn Bru was made in Scotland and has the most guarded secret formula in the world, known only by two people. It is sold in a variety of countries including: The British isles (England, Wales, Scotland, Ireland, Northern Ireland), South Africa, New Zealand, Australia, the Middle East, Russia, Canada, Norway, Spain, Germany, The Netherlands, Gibraltar, Cypress, Greece, Belgium and Poland.Irn Bru is the most popular soft drink in Scotland (more than Coke) and was introduced into the Scottish McDonald's after years of protesting. Through personal research (a school trip to be precise) I have found Irn Bru to be available on British Airway flights to and from Scotland.Shortly said, I love Irn Bru.

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Where can I get an Irn Bru Tee shirt

Nectar Of The Gods: Irn Bru


I am trying to get hold of an Irn Bru tee shirt as a present for someone who drinks nothing but Irn bru. It is for a suprise xmas gift.




-reply by Sharon Cotter

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