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Seeking Help With Javascript Need help with drag and drop type script

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What i want to make is a script that has a table, which is a menu for my site, and when you click the top of the table you can drag it to another place in the page. This is the code:

<html><head><title>Test run - Right click menu - ©Jack McCrea 2008</title><script type="text/javascript">function coordinates(event){if (event.button==2)  {  var x=event.x;var y=event.y;document.getElementById("element").style.left=x;document.getElementById("element").style.top=y;document.getElementById("element").style.visibility="visible";var oldx=x;var oldy=y;}}</script><script type="text/javascript">function coordinatesb(event){var oldx=x;var oldy=y;var newx=event.x;var newy=eveny.y;var difx=oldx-newx;var dify=oldy-newy;var newposx=oldx-difx;var newposy=oldy-dify;var oldx=newposx;var oldy=newposy;document.getElementById("element").style.left=oldx;document.getElementById("element").style.top=oldy;window.onmouseup=end();window.onmousemove=coordinatesb(event);}function end(){}</script> <style type="text/CSS">#element { position: absolute; top: 0px; left: 0px; background-color: 568934; border: 3px dashed; visibility: hidden; z-index: 1;}</style></head><body bgcolor="112233" onmousedown="coordinates(event)" oncontextmenu="return false;"><div id="element">hi<br><table><tr><th onmousedown="coordinatesb(event)">hi</th></tr></table>hi<br>hi<br>hi<br>hi<br>hi<br>hi<br></div> </body></html>

this doesnt seem to work. any ideas?

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Check this out: https://www.google.ca/search?hl=en&q=jaearch&meta=

Zorn does a good job as far as I know. Only thing I don't know about is whether it will work along side your right click menu script.
I suggest you install each of the scripts seperately on their own page and get them working independently before blending them into the same page.

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