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How To Use Putty SSH

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I will be talking about PuTTY.

It is a small, nice, and free ssh client.


If you are reading this, and hoping to follow along, I presume you know what ssh is.

( If not, I might write a tutorial for it. )


Now once you have downloaded it, and opened it up, it might look very confusing.


1. Where it says "Host Name (or IP address)", enter the host you want to connect to.


2. Leave the port as is.


3. Connection Type : SSH


4. Click "Open" button on bottom right corner.


That's all there is too it. You should now see a screen pop up and ask for a user name and password. ( Which you should have. )




You can change the appearance of the window you see after hitting the Open button by clicking and expanding "Window" in the left hand column. You can change how wide/high/colors/font.....and so on.

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Putty is a really great client (not to mention free), but it gets really tedious when you have to move large amounts of files, and has some strange errors with not being able to change file permissions (or maybe that's just me). For windows a great client I have found (which also has some other functionality) is WinSCP. It is actually possible to integrate it with putty as well, which is really cool.

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