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you wrote this in the wrong section, as a matter of fact this should not be asked at all. if you want to know about yje rules and how credits work check ou the readme (here)

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Hello kinka Posted Image and welcome to Trap 17 from Mich in Michigan, USA.


Earning credits is not that complicated. :) You post quality posts, either start your own topic or reply to someone elses topic, and you earn credits for them. No one-liners like this orginal post. You participate by contributing valuable content to the forums. If you want hosting, you will need to read up on things. You can use the links just above my sig to learn all about Trap 17. When you earn enough credits for the hosting package you want, you can apply for your hosting.


If you just want to participate in the forum you needn't worry about credits. Just don't post a lot of meaningless trivia. Take the subjects to heart and apply your thoughts to the issues at hand. If you need further help, just ask. People here will point you to the answer to whatever questions you have.


Good luck, and see you around the boards. :D

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