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Cannot Open Display - Error

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I basically have some problems in accessing xWindow applications(SAS and nedit in particular) in the server.


i get "Cannot open display" when i try to access nedit and other applications.


I did some findings on this and thought this might be of some help to you.

But I was not able to zero in on the problem yet.


The problem I guess, is the remote not able to enable the display to the server.

The display settings has to be set properly in the remote machine.


Commands I tried


setenv DISPLAY <server-name:display port>

xhost +



But nothing worked out. Some of the workarounds also need root access. So was not able to try them.

It would be great, if someone can help me out.











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And on whose server are those programs running? Is it yours, or someone elses? Because, maybe security settings don't allow for remote access to X server? Maybe it's a stupid quesyion, but hey, someone had to ask ;)

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i think the problem is because u are not the admin for the server.. u need to access using root login or try making a new user with all the rights and then access with that account (its only possible if you are the admin for the server)

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