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Okara KAmi

How To Make Forums And Host Them! The plea of a nube who wants to make a successful forum.

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I have a rather large problem at hand, and I don't know from where to approach it. I want to make a forum using phpbb, I have done so before, but I have never hosted it and made it adfree. I want to do so with Xisto, but I find that I know nothing about FTP and hosting in general.


[+] Here is what I know.

I have made 2 forums before, one of them was very successful, the other I had to stop because I found out I couldn't do too much editing when using phpbb.

I know that I need access to something called the forum-code and ftp to manually customize phpbb forums.

I know the site at which I want to download the MODs, which I will use when I have the phpbb forum ready.


[-] Here is what I don't know.

What FTP is, and how it works:

--->I mean in detail, I know you download something and you have a cpanel on your computer that can change forums, but how does it all work?

--->How can I add mods through FTP to my forum?


I also don't know how to host a forum.

--->Making a free forum with ads is fine, but how can I make a forum hosted by Xisto?

--->How can I connect the FTP access Xisto gives me to my forum?

This is my problem. It's not too much of an emotional or life-related one, but seeing as how Xisto works for such things, I thought maybe I could get some help.


Thanks to anyone who helps.

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Right, I am not much use at anything really, but installing stuff I can do! Right, don't get to ahead of yourself ... get hosted.

secondly, your in luck! Xisto has a program called fantistico which will install it for you! no FTP

It's in your cpanel can't miss it!

Good luck getting hosted, any problems pm me!

as for your question about FTP, FTP (file transfer protacol) is a way of uploading files to a server. You use an FTP client to do this I reccommend filezilla {link}

you will then have to configure it for trap {link}

Then you simply use the friendly interface to upload files to the server, each mod should come with instructions, follow then and upload them, there is a piece of software avaliable to upload mods for you however, I am not sure if it has been updated to phpbb3 (someone post link below) hope this helps :D!

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That helps very much, though this cpal that you mentioned, do I get this AFTER I am hosted? And does this cpanel appear on the forum or on my desktop?


Lastly, you recommended filezilla for FTP uploading, but just to make sure, I won't be needing such service correct? It was earlier mentioned that Trap offers Fantistico which replaces the need for an FTP.


Just some small clarifications, thanks a bunch!

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You get cpanel with your hosting package, not with the forum account.Fantistico does not replace the use of an FTP. However, it will install the forum for you, so you do not need to use an FTP to upload the forum. FTP can be used for general file uploads, etc. Fantastico is used to add forums, image galleries, blogs, etc.

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