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Explanation Of Ftp Can some one explain it to me.

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Since you guys have been so helpfull to me befor i thought i should come back to you. Now I have been learning (X)HTML, more HTML just kinda a few properties of X like the closing tages for mostly everything....ANYWAYS I would like an explanation of FTP? I have a program FileZilla but i am sooooo lost and i have no clue what to do. And i see here at Trap there are multiple FTP accounts. Why do you need more than one? These are my main questions about it....Please Help.


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FTP Definition

An application layer protocol that uses Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) and telnet services to transfer bulk-data files between machines or hosts.

It's an easier ways to upload multiple files to your hosting account. You can use cPanel to upload. But what if you would like to upload 5 files from here and 10 files from there? cPanel does not give you that flexibility. By using FTP you can upload while other files are uploading.


How To Use FileZilla

I've been meaning to write this but I'd figure OpaQue's WSFTP tutorial was enough. But here it goes.


Open up your FileZilla and click on FILE > SITE MANAGER

Posted Image


1. click on New Site and name whatever you'd like.

2. enter or ftp.yourSite.com as Host. Servertype FTP. Effective Nov-15-2005

3. enter your cPanel username and password

4. click on Advanced

5. Default local means the location of your files in your computer. This will show your set web file directory to wherever you set every time you connect to the FTP site you are connecting with. Default remote is /public_html/ This will go directly link to your public_html directory of your hosting, making it easier to just upload and go.


This is how I set my FileZilla. And all you have to do is double click on a file and it will upload (or download when double clicked on a file/folder from the right hand side) to whatever directory you are viewing in your hosting (remote) location. Be aware that if you need to go into a particular directory in your hosting (remote) folder, you are in that folder. To do this, simply double click on the folder name and you are in--just like using your file explorer. You can go out of that directory by double clicking on .. directory, located at the top of every directory listing. You can modify, just like using your Windows Explorer, by right clicking on a directory to rename, delete, view, create (it's really easy).


Why Multiple FTP Accounts?

Multiple FTP accounts are useful when you set up an account where someone can upload a file(s) to your site without disturbing your hosting files. It's great for my work when I have to send hundreds of pictures and documents to my boss--email cannot hold more than 10mb at a time. It saves, for me, annoying "your message cannot be delivered. Inbox full" message. It's also useful when you want to collect files from anonymous user but you don't want to risk the security by giving your main FTP account and password. This is similar to making a subdomain within your domain and letting that person use and modify that subdomain without disturbing your entire file content. So let's say you want to host for another person besides you, but you don't want that person to meddle around with your website, you create a subdomain for yourself, set up an FTP account for that person and that person can upload, manage, delete and create that person's own website. And your website will never be disturbed. But be warned that if you do not have the full understanding of how to's please ask before you go on.


NOTE: anonymous FTP is DISABLED for Xisto host. If you would like to grant access to your space via FTP, create another account with password and give that information. Remember to set the quota limit otherwise you'll run out of space very quick!


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