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Upgradeing From #1 To #2

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Is their anyway when i reach the required hosting credits that i can upgrade from package #1 to package #2.. Do we do this manually with our control panel or do we have to send another request to buffalohelp in order to get it upgraded. I miss calculated and i need more space then usually. So anyone please tell me the solution to help me with my site. Also if i can get more information about package #2 because i was looking at package #1 and it is very awesome. I like everything about it execpt the space of 20mb.Thank you Xisto for your awesome support and hosting. I am a satasfied customer. 2 thumps up!

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Yes, upgrades are easy enough to do. Simply complete an Application for screening by the Mods, then Admins will accept/deny them.

Very similar to the original application, just explain that you need more space.

Applications for Upgrades can be found here

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