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How To Test System Stability Hardware problems / How to test system stability

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I've made simple batch files using cpuburn4 in conjunction with runprio.exe for maximum stressing of components.
Important: Be sure to close all open documents. If your PC crashes during testing, your data will be lost if you don't. I'd recommend not to use your PC while testing, since it will be very slow during testing (the test is run in high priority mode).

After downloading the ZIP file, do the following:
- Extract.
- Now run one of these files:

!burnP5.bat - Intel Pentium w&w/o MMX processors
!burnP6.bat - Intel PentiumPro, PentiumII&III&IV and Celeron CPUs
!burnK6.bat - AMD K6 processors
!burnK7.bat - AMD Athlon/Duron processors
!burnmmx.bat - to test cache/memory interfaces on all CPUs with MMX
!burnbx.bat - an alternate cache/memory test for Intel CPUs

- let your PC run for at least two hours (better: 8 hours, or even 24h). If it doesn't produce errors you are pretty safe that you've got a stable system.

3) Testing your memory (RAM)

- Download memtest86 and create either a bootable Floppy or a bootable CD (see website for images).
- Boot your PC and run the test (read the instructions).
search about

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